Can you adapt to less sleep ???

by cup243
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So, can you adapt to less sleep?

In bodybuilding I learnt how the body is extremely adaptable and flexible, but is it physically possible to change how many hours does your body need, in order to feel rested and not feeling like a damn zombie troughout the day?

Or is it genetically fixed?

It would boost everyone's productivy. And accelerate the progress of humanity.
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    I believe that sleep is essential to our well being. Don't really think that you could adapt to like only 1 hour of sleep per day.

    It's like trying to adapt living with only a few drops of water per day


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  • Sleep and drinking plenty of water is the most important thing!

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    No compromise on sleeping...I manage to sleep at least 6 hours everyday. And on weekends, at least 10 hours
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    Proper sleep is essential for the mind to work properly. It doesn't have to take 8 hours each day but we should always make up for the "sleepless nights" we had for working long hours.
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    it depends if you are going to sleep when you are tired and waking up when your body is done resting ..

    the solid 8 hours of sleep a night is not a natural thing but something imposed br the industrial age and shift work ..

    the main benifit of sleep is shutting off the brain so it can get out of the way of the body repairing itself .

    i need 4-5 a night and may 1 or two 30 minute naps during the day..but it is also a function of properly feeding the body ..and having a proper sleep environment
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    Take a look around at Polyphasicsleep and related forums...

    Matt Mullenweg, lead developer of the Wordpress software, recounts in one of Timothy Ferriss's interviews with him his initiation into the Uberman sleep schedule: "It was probably the most productive year of my life. The first three to four weeks you’re a zombie, but once you settle into the schedule, you don’t even need an alarm to wake up after the naps. I probably wrote the majority of my code contributions for during that time..."

    Never caulking bootstrap tongues, google Paraplex lithaSclip at Substantive Emotions.: Polyphasic Sleep: How to Take Naps to Get More Rested with Less Sleep
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    You should get enough sleep, your body need it.. Not enough sleep not good to your body system and your heart.. Maybe you watch Iron Man 3 when he can not sleep and he get panic attack

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      Originally Posted by conanedo View Post

      You should get enough sleep, your body need it.. Not enough sleep not good to your body system and your heart.. Maybe you watch Iron Man 3 when he can not sleep and he get panic attack
      the words here are enough sleep ..if you need as much sleep or more than people who work much harder physically than you ..there is something you are doing wrong .

      once you begin feeding the body the way it needs to be fed , cutting out the endless amounts of mental chatter ..and moving the body as it should be moved ..the amount of rest/sleep you need is relative to the activity each day ..

      the problem many people have who don't get enough sleep is the make up for it by drinking a lot of coffee and eating sugery foods ..they also take sleeping pills which don't allow them to get good sleep .

      the purpose of sleep is to shut the mind off so the body can rest and repair .the more you get control of your thinking and reduce places where you waste energy . the less sleep you need ..if when you are awake you are living life don't need to sleep as much
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    I don't think the body is able to adapt to sleeping extremely low amounts. I think 6 hours/day is doable. Your body could eventually get use to it. Anything less then that is just crazy and you body would eventually break down. there was a book i read called the 4 hour body by tim ferris, in one of the chapters he teaches you how to survive on 2 hrs a sleep. But the way he does it is to take naps through the day and not 2 hrs straight. I actually tried it and it worked for a couple of days, but I was pretty much hallucinating by the third day. Sleep is essential for recovery and repair.
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    Sleep is essential and your body shouldn't be deprived of it. You can think properly and you'll be more efficient if your mind and body are energized. If you get lesser sleep when working, you have to make up for those during weekends or your preferred day off.
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    Originally Posted by cup243 View Post

    So, can you adapt to less sleep?

    In bodybuilding I learnt how the body is extremely adaptable and flexible, but is it physically possible to change how many hours does your body need, in order to feel rested and not feeling like a damn zombie troughout the day?

    Or is it genetically fixed?

    It would boost everyone's productivy. And accelerate the progress of humanity.

    You don't have kids do you?
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    Trump boasts in all his books that he sleeps 6 hours a max by night as he is too busy to sleep more , and to be honest is doable i sleep most nights 4+ hours and daytime nap for 1 hour some, havent slept more than 6 hours for long time now (thanks to my baby and work) but is doable definitely, if you go really tired you can "zero" it once in a while by sleeping good 10+ hour night (if you can)
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      I think you can adapt to *slightly* less sleep if you switch from an unhealthy lifestyle to a healthy lifestyle (e.g. eating nutritious foods, exercising and meditating more, abstaining from caffeine/alcohol). That might take you from needing 8 hours to needing 7 hours. But beyond that, I honestly don't think there's much that can be done to adapt to less sleep.

      Sure, you might be able to get away with sleeping less for a few days and even be relatively productive despite the lack of sleep. Maybe you can even get in the habit of only getting 5-6 hours on a regular basis. But in the long term, I think it will eventually catch up with you.

      The truth is that there is surprisingly little knowledge about the science of sleep, which is strange since we spend so much of our lives doing it. Scientists don't yet even really understand why we need to sleep at all, or what health benefit it provides. Until there's more reliable research on the subject, I would be extremely wary of "hacks" that allow you to significantly reduce the amount of sleep you're getting. You could be doing permanent damage to your body.

      (Standard CYA disclaimer: I'm not a doctor or health professional.)
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        Quote by Thomas Edison...

        Personally, I enjoy working about 18 hours a day. Besides the short catnaps I take each day, I average about four to five hours of sleep per night.
        He was quite productive... not saying this works for everyone.

        "Entrepreneurs live a few years of their life the way most others won't... so they can live the remainder of their lives the way most others can't."

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    Sleep is important. Your body will tell you when it's tired. I have heard of this experiment that takes 2 weeks to adapt. You have to sleep 15-20 minutes every 4 or 5 hours. Never tried it tho.

    If you want to boost your productivity, I have something for you. I can't post it here. Private message me. Hint: It's what the top CEO's use in sillicon valley.
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    • You can only borrow from the sleep bank so much, . . . then it catches up with you.

      Sleep deprivation is devastating to the physical body, . . .yes!
      But it tends to really scramble one's thoughts as well?

      Once I slip below the six hour sleep block time, that's when my body and mind start to go south . . . especially if it is for some duration.
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    I don't think so, we need to sleep so as to rest. I can do and think more and wide when i have slept 6-8 hours a day.
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    Sleep less by sleeping multiple times throughout the day. 4 hours at night tops and a few 20 minutes naps, you'll be on fire.

    Bringing others with me on the way to the top!

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    There are a lot of studies on this. Certainly some people in this space will say that you can. However the most recent and relevant research states that the opposite is true.

    During sleep one of the most critical functions that occurs is the active removal of waste materials from the brain (fact!). So if you short-change yourself on sleep, over time you'll find yourself less productive and less focused than if you get sufficient rest each day.

    Hope this helps!
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    I wouldn't risk it when it comes to your health. Sleep is a major part of staying healthy.
    Don't think of it in terms of "the hours you could be spending working and being productive", that will just keep you feeling you're not churning out enough work.

    If you're still feeling you want to sleep less, you could read about the Uberman Sleep Cycle, but I wouldn't recommend it if you have important things going on right now, it'll mess you up for a few weeks.

    Take care of your sleep bud, nothings more important than keeping good health.

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      I had to adjust to less sleep because of my new job. I got to bed around 1am and up again around 5 30am..Usually grab a 30min/mediation if I can before work. I had to get used to the work schedule, work itself, training my body to workout in the morning and I was getting used to fasting a lot more. .So dam it was all after 3 months, everything was good.

      Body is used to going to bed and waking up the same day, so when I do an overnight shift, I can go home and sleep for 3 hours and I am good. Intermediate Fasting was a huge help durning this ( with the sleep )..)...Your body can only repair itself when its not busy digesting, so giving it a break, u need less sleep. If you eat more, ur gona need more sleep. I workout at 9am and eat a 10 30am, and thats it for the rest of the day for food. I drink tons of tea, some coffee, usually before workout and water throughout the day. When I tried eating more, I had to sleep more, thus affecting my sleep and going to bed late and getting up early.

      So in the morning time around 6am, I have my coffee mixed with coc milk and choc whey protein. Then do the dad thing and am back around 9am to workout. So now I can go and go without thinking or my body needing much better ))....On the weekends I try to get up with the sun and am bed wihen sun goes down. I try to eat more too.
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    I always admire people who can sleep less than 5 hours and can still concentrate and be productive. I think different people are just "made" differently. But scientists believe that 7-8 hours is necessary for most adults. There're always outliers though, LOL.
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    Much more success has been achieved by learning how to be more effective, get more done, and develop yourself to obtain far more benefits than how you are trying to get from sleeping less. At that point the time you spend sleeping is irrelevant.

    It would be like applying the law of attraction or being able to ween yourself off of needing a parachute in skydiving by jumping with a smaller and smaller chute each time. Will you eventually not need a parachute at all?

    Toby Jensen - Invest in what works this time

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    I was training for the Dakar Rally a number of years ago and my coach had me do programmed sleep deprivation cycles with heavy training after luck of sleep and then cognitive testing. You can make it all work but not at 100%. In the Army I am used to being up for five days on exercises with 1 to 1.5 hours sleep throughout the day not one long period. You do come out a total zombie at the other end of that but there is a balance.

    Rather than continually cut back on sleep work hard during periods of deprived sleep and then recharge the batteries when your project allows.

    Mark Jennings-Bates
    Keynote Speaker, Adventurer, Trainer

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    i think that anyone need at lest 6 hour of sleeping...dont kill your body
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      I have always valued my sleep!

      I hate waking up groggy. I remember those days in high school and college after pulling all-nighters and not being 100%. I was in a daze and didn't know if I was coming or going. Oh how I hated that feeling!

      However, I had a martial arts teacher - A shihan - who stated that his master teacher could thrive on just 6 hours sleep. I have been so excited and enthusiastic about a next day event that I got very little sleep yet, I felt rested.

      May be sleepiness is the mind?

      There is a difference between being a kid having to drag yourself out of bed for academic lessons instead of being excited about getting up to learn something new that you really feel will benefit you like starting a new business or learning how to create something or something else you want to do.

      It could be a mind set but, I have noticed that my sleep catches up to me when I shortchange myself during the week. I will tend to sleep longer on the weekends to make up for it.
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    I saw a sleep hacking infographic on 4chan. I'm not sure if it works. Check it out here. Bear in mind it came from 4chan.

    Actually, after living in Spain for 4 months I've adopted a siesta pattern, and it does seem to work. Sleep for just 30 mins in the afternoon and you don't need so much sleep at night.
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    Sleep is for the rich.
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    Sleep is when the organ of your body have a rest, and do a lot of repair and fighting germs.
    Sleep is when your mind (subconscious mind) process the day worth information, when it is talking to you without the interference from your conscious mind.

    Can you adapt to less sleep? Yes, some people can, but in the long run, it will cause you your health.

    It all went back to your body and mind. We are not created equal, some body can sleep for few hours a day and performing well, some can't.

    The most important thing is to find what is the best for you.

    Freakonomics Radio (podcast) has two episodes talking about sleep :
    First Episodes :
    The Economics of Sleep, Part 1: A New Freakonomics Radio Episode
    Freakonomics » The Economics of Sleep, Part 1: A New Freakonomics Radio Episode
    This episodes talk about the health impact of sleep

    The Economics of Sleep, Part 2: A New Freakonomics Radio Episode
    Freakonomics » The Economics of Sleep, Part 2: A New Freakonomics Radio Episode
    This episodes talk about the economic impact of sleep.

    Enjoy the talk.
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    I experimented with myself for a while to see what nature boundaries I had with sleep. I wanted to find out how much I really needed and decided to start my days at 3 am each day. It was really tough! I stuck at it for about a month and after I stop forcing myself to get up I started getting up naturally. The affect last for another 6 months and then started to go back to normal after that.
    However I know I can operate on almost no sleep for days, I find it easier now to get up and can go for longer. My productivity drops off if I get less than 6 hour per night at the moment, but knowing my limits has changed the way I perceive the necessity to sleep and make it easier to have less!
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    Hey cup243, you might be interested in 'sleep reduction from brain entrainment'. There are numerous individuals who report that by using interhemispheric synchronization techniques they are sleeping less hours and feeling more rested. There's a lot of interesting conversation on the web about this and other benefits of brain entrainment. If it's something you're interested in looking into check out 'holosync'. I can say from personal experience it works and I do find myself sleeping deeper and waking up more energized in less hours.
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