Experiments on Giving Money to Increase Prosperity!

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This is the core secret that almost nobody ever mentions when using LOA to attract prosperity.

What is it? One word "Sowing"!

We can visualize and intend money all we want, but there is ONE thing that can guarantee financial increase, and that is to give money away!

Why? Because of the law of sowing and reaping.

"The first John D. Rockefeller, through his long life, put his full trust in that Law. Whether in his early days when he gave frugally but regularly to his Church or in his middle and later years when his foundations were giving many millions to better the world, Rockefeller always envisioned the many times multiplication of his gifts returning to him.

"And they did. How they did.

"Rockefeller knew the truth of the early Biblical promise, 'all the land thou seest shall be yours.' He laid his claim on the Infinite and accepted possession. It came to him. The Law always works; it's just people who fail to apply it, that fail.

Rockefeller kept his secret a secret. He taught only his family, and the Principle of Seed Money is still working full time for those Rockefellers who still apply it.

Read SEED MONEY - Law of TENFOLD return here:
Seed Money Part 1 The Law of Tenfold Return by Jon P. Speller

When I increased the amount I have been giving, I noticed an increase in my finances and business income.

I also make sure to claim the multiplied return of my giving.

Let me hear your experiences with giving:

1. Size of giving (Large, small, exact figure...)
2. Consciousness of giving (Thoughts and feelings that you have while giving)
3. Act of Claiming the return (What did you say to claim the return, how often did you do it?)
4. Results (How soon the return came, in what ways, how much, for how long... etc?)

Almost nobody talks about giving and claiming the return to increase prosperity. Sharing your experiences could reveal the true secret of financial increase!
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