Two types of folks: WINNERS & L...

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Or, actually, a continuation of progressive behavior after realizing our ignorance to move forward and grow.

Remember, there's no failures in this world. But those who either fail and stop, or fail forward.

Anyone agree? What is a loser anyhow? To me, there are no so such thing stupid, ignorant, dumb, idiotic, lazy, or losers in this world. There are certain types of behaviors which can be misinterpret as those negative traits, but in reality, there's truly no such losers or truly stupid people in this world. Much like, do not the sinners, but hate the "sins."

It's not a Black/White issues, Left (democrats) or Right (republicans), smart or dumb, etc. We are accustomed to label behaviors/actions since we were born. "Do this, do that" This, however, is a Western cultural mindset. The reality is, everything is impermanence, ever-changing, and always moving towards a targeted goal. We were built physically and spiritually to progress towards something.

It may sound PC, but as the human brain/body are built to succeed and progress, how is it possible to label someone else as "moronic", "losers", "dumb", or "lazy"? Well, your reflection of other people is merely a reflection of your inner behavior/self.

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right?
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