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I'm been thinking about Focus lately.

Why do we focus sometimes, but not all the time?
Why do we lose focus?

There are seasons to life. Periods of work, periods of rest.
The key is learning and maintaining this balance, while moving towards a worthwhile goal.

Focus, for me, is eliminating/managing the things which are not worthwhile parts of my rest and work.

When I do this I feel better when I rest, and feel better when I work.

There's actually a lot of wisdom in the 'ol adage "Work Hard Play Hard."

Because it requires focus.

And it's rewarding.
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    Most often, lack of focus has been also lack of wisdom. That's why you need to meditate before you make something. On the other hand, it is also vital that you will remove your worries. Because worries can snatch your attention.
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    We often think about removing distractions so we can focus on work.

    But....what about removing distractions so we can focus on rest or play?

    Play is important because it is creative exercise, not just for our body, but especially for our mind and soul.

    How can we enjoy time at play more? Don't think about stuff. Just play.

    Rest is important because it revitalizes us. How can we safeguard our rest more? And keep out rest-stealing worries and distractions?

    When we get serious about how we maintain balance and protect our work time, play time, and rest time, we are more productive and happier.
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