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does anyone here have a positive long term outlook ..personally i see a lot of" bad" things happening...but there are a lot of trends that will bring good things in as a result ..

It helps to have an idea about the bad stuff that can happen in the future. it give one the ability to make changes and preparations just in case.

the greatest fortunes do not get made by those who go against the crowd .. they get made by those who step out of the crowd see where the crowd is heading .. and build something the crowd will want when they get there .

Thomas edison ,henry ford , AOl , ebay, Amazon ,Facebook, Microsoft ..

I have found that it is much easier to live in the now and decide what to do or learn today ..the longer view of the future i have developed . as I am shifting my mindset to live another 100+ years ..and be productive ..

It is getting hard talking to people who are just stuck thinking the end is near
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    The world will change.
    The world has always been changing.
    People will change.
    People have always been changing.

    1600's, 1700's, 1800's, 1900's, 2000's & Beyond
    Look at how much of a difference every century has had.
    Think of how many times people thought the world would end.

    We are still here.
    The successful people are the ones that stopped worrying and started innovating.

    You are exactly right... Step outside of the crowd and innovate.
    Great post!
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    in ten years about 85% of humanity will be connected to the internet, with low cost computers that have about the same processing power as the human brain.and those computers will in effect have translation programs so language is not a barrier ,

    solar panels will be cheaper and more cost effective to use than anything to do with fosil fuels ..and the riseing food prices in over the last few years and into the future are encouraging people to find ways to grow much of their own food .

    the problems with education today..are that 90% plus of what is tought can be learned faster by a google search or a you tube vid ..

    yes we are currently at the end of both the industrial economy and the agriculture system ..we may even see the downfall of nation states ..

    but there are so many amazing things popping up ..if you are someone looking for what you can do and figure out how to put these pieces together to make your life better .. you can ,may and probably will do well ..

    if you are trying to do the safe thing in the old system and find sopmone to tell you what to do.. or become depent on the system to do it for you ..

    times will indeed get much much much harder
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      Garbage In, Garbage Out.

      If things are seeming negative, change your inputs. Turn off the TV, change your peer group, tune out the negatives.

      We are the sum total of the 5 people we spend the most time with.
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        Originally Posted by Coup View Post

        Garbage In, Garbage Out.

        If things are seeming negative, change your inputs. Turn off the TV, change your peer group, tune out the negatives.

        We are the sum total of the 5 people we spend the most time with.
        oh look some posting a response that has no relation to the content of the thread get their post count up for some reason ..

        so what does what you posted have to do with future outlook of you or the people you talk to
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          Originally Posted by Odahh View Post

          oh look some posting a response that has no relation to the content of the thread get their post count up for some reason ..

          so what does what you posted have to do with future outlook of you or the people you talk to
          Clearly my point was lost in there and made sense in my head but not in yours.

          Basically, all I was trying to say is that one's outlook is completely affected by who you speak to, what you read and what you watch on TV. You can think that the future outlook is crappy, or you can think that the world is full of opportunity. The choice is up to us all and there are groups of people who choose the negative, other groups who choose to have a positive outlook.

          The OP is discussing both sides. I just went off on a side tangent because it's a pet peeve of mine when people focus and complain on the negative when we are clearly living in the most awesome time for biz opportunities online.

          Personally, my perspective is that the world is ripe with opportunity. In fact, sometimes I get frustrated and overwhelmed with all the posibilities of projects I could be doing or new businesses that I could start.

          My challenge is to stay focused on the current successful bizs that I already have on the go. (I get easily distracted and, like most entrepreneurs, I get bored with a site/niche after a couple of years.)

          BTW, I do not care what my post count is. I am not promoting anything or doing anything odd on here other than trying to connect with others. You would see that if you read any of my other posts.
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    Well negativity is sometimes good but try think that if you received NO from someone I am pretty much sure that there is a BIG YES waiting for you.

    We can see how the world evolves from stone age up to information age and we can see the difference. Successful people are the one who loves to adopt change and everything should have great innovations.
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  • Hi Odahh,

    I hold a fairly postive long term outlook even though I too see a lot of very bad things happening especially with our reserve currency status because that part of the matrix effects us all like it or not.

    Course its all a pretty subjective thing after all, but here is one direct example of what you are talking about concerning the person who steps out of the crowd to see where its headed:

    When ever a bonanza gold rush or huge silver deposit was found, towns sprang up over night seemingly. And amazingly enough the people who raked in the most dough were the ones selling pick axes, lanterns, gold pans, and sluces to those "gold miners".

    Funny but true!
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    lasting ,
    a more recent example is gained dominance when the im community learned how to use ad words oe keywords ..or every other thing google has put out there that people can use to make money .

    this is really the key to big money today and in the future..not so much making the next consumer good ..but to create services that many other people can use to make a little money .

    most of humanity lives on less than 5 dollars a day in fact i thin 4-10 dollars a day is considered middle class for much of the what is going to happen more and more as we hit a point where most humans are connected to the internet that the elimination of much of the poverty today ..will be in giving that mass of humanity a way to earn a few dollars a day from the internet ..

    the reserve currency situation has been ready to end really soon ..for the last 20 years i have been reading about it ..the aspect of money that is going to change is the debt money system the world has today .

    Money is debt ..and debt is a form of servitude . taxes are tribute in history they where placed on conquered people . and the conquers issued the money in and area people where forced to earn to pay the tribute ...but most people tended to live through barter and trade ..and only earned enough money to pat taxes .

    it is only in the last thousand years and do the roman catholic church that the people where trained to put everything in terms of money the church could tax it .

    What is happening now is the productive people are learning how to barter ,trade ,and how to do things for more than money ..while the unproductive people are getting use to the governments taking more money from the productive people ..and increasing the number of unproductive people .

    so the trouble coming down the road and we are seeing now that productive people will adjust the amount of money they make to the point for them it makes no more sense to earn more .and then trade their goods they produce or give their good away to close friends ..lowering other people need to make money .

    so there will be less for the government to take while the people who are expecting more ..will start getting very upset when the government starts giving them less .
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    so in short ..if you learn a productive skill , are able to get your hand on the tools you need to produce things .and can use the internet to distribute and make enough money to live on.and then be able to produce things to trade and barter with other productive people locally then you also have reserve capital to replace your tools in case of disaster .

    you have good reason to have a positive personal future outlook
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    good post coup .

    what we see we see based on our world view .. i myself only watch tv while i am making and eating breakfast or making dinner ..and i tend to stick to cooking shows when i do watch tv i found a while back that i really do not like the passive entertainment tv provides . i have been online sense shortly after aol went unlimited use first pc was a 66mhz computer ..that cost me 10 times what a laptop will cost today .

    basically i have alway been into interactive entertainment ..and cooking shows are the only ones that i don't find myself up at the fridge on comercials ..and i learn things that make my own cooking better .

    about 10 minutes of the 24 hour news cycle is worth watching get better news online ..

    for those who see what is happening and train themselves to benefit from what is happening . thing will be fine if not much better for them now and into the future .

    But for those who continue to depend on the system for support .. thing will progressively get worse as they have been getting ..

    the system in the world today was built to take from the productive people and funnel it to unproductive people ..but more and more people who are productive can now control how much is taken ..and do not have to give so much to the system . while the system is demanding more .

    i am pretty sure as a business person you are shifting many costs ..that where after tax personal expenses to pre tax business expenses . Or by working where you want you are not dealing with a long commute . that you do not get paid for. paying for gas and wear and tear for work.. lunches for the workplace ..and all those little costs that add up when working for someone else .

    this is what is going on on a massive scale in businesses and for home workers .. because they no longer need to pay for many of the over head expenses ..they now longer need to earn that extra money .. and the people who where employed to take care of that over head are in other jobs or looking .

    i learned that in my last job.. being overhead is bad
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