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There are a lot of techniques that can be deployed to get the most out of your day. A number of them are pretty effective. I have tried a bunch of them over the years because like everyone else I had to find one that fit my style. Finally I had my epiphany and now it's not an issue to be productive daily.

Will you shed some light on your own experience with this age old struggle?
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    My desire for happiness and peace on Earth drives me to work towards success.
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      Originally Posted by Michael Ten View Post

      My desire for happiness and peace on Earth drives me to work towards success.
      ^^^ This x 1,000,000

      I feel if we are true to ourselves and true to the world around us, it doesn't become

      a "job" or "work"

      or "another sale"

      or "a new technique"

      or "the secret" it just becomes life. I help others.

      Sometimes it brings me money, sometimes it just helps me feel alive and part of the bigger picture.

      Its a feeling, an attitude, a life.
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    I want to say that I am successful in the things I do.

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    I just continually try to do my best and be productive. Being productive helps me to be successful and reach my ultimate goal of being able to stay home with my family and work on my internet marketing business.
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    a few years ago , i was mentally broken ,spiritually drained ,physically beat up , i had no idea how i would make money and survive .

    today i am much much different ..much better . And every day i learn something new that allows me to grow and continue to get better .

    feeling healthy every day drives me ,,feeling the muscles in my body improve almost daily drive me ..flirting with a pretty girl and having her smile and enjoy it..drives me ..

    knowing being broke prevent me from doing ..drive me to find a way to start earning money in ways improve my life ..enhance the experience .

    "I just wanted a good job ,but i could not find a good job, So i do it myself"-Jack Ma

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    What drives me?
    • The Vision - I have the destination constantly in mind.
    • Time management - that's how I steer the course.
    • Persistence - that's the engine.

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    Well my goals.. More specifically WHY i want to attain these goals.


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    Originally Posted by Art of Marketing View Post

    There was one point that I just had to prove it could be done.
    Thanks for writing this. I just realized that this was why I started out in IM - to see if it was possible. Now that I have demonstrated that it IS possible earn a complete income off IM, I have hit an interest plateau where I am a bit bored by IM.

    Actually, I signed up to this forum for the first time a couple days ago just to try to get my mojo back after 5 years of hard work to get to the point where my family is completely supported by IM (replacing too well-paying full-time jobs).

    I now need to look for new motivation. That's why I'm here.
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    * My family *
    If you find my post helpful, please be sure to click the Thanks button and let me know.
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    I went for Harv Eker's Millionare Mind Intensive session and that was my awakening - I learnt about passive income, about the online industry, about the ability to generate millions - I was a small thinker before wanting a 60k a year 'job' and now I'm totally inspired and I know I will make it big no matter what happens.... the only means to a failure is the blockage of fear - nothing can stop you but you

    Shafina Zahra
    Loving Life!

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    A simple appointment diary is great to allocate time to important activites throughout the day.

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    I want to get out of my country. That's what drives me.
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  • Like others who posted, I am constantly improving myself.

    One technique that has excited me recently is figuring the Minimum Effective Dose (MED) for achieving success.

    This was introduced to me by Timothy Ferris in the Four Hour Body.

    If you are not familiar with this technique, below is a link to an article (not my article) - Tim Ferriss's Life Hacks | Mental Conditioning | OutsideOnline.com
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    One thing I do is ask myself everyday: How bad do I want it, and Why im doing what im currently doing.
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      Knowing the results I want, why I want them and believing without any doubt that I will get them. I believe that the 'why' aspect is an essential component. Many people say things like that they want to be rich, want their own business, want to work from home, want to quit their day job, etc but WHY do they want these things? Knowing that 'why' and keeping it in front of me all the time is what gives me the determination to carry on and succeed, never doubting that I will get there
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    You HAVE to keep the goal in mind, all the time.
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      It drives me to know that to get big results I need to put in big effort. And it further drives me to know that most people can't be bothered to push that hard. So I will be in an overall minority to be so well off when few others around me are no where close.

      It's sort of counter intuitive to aim for the result that requires more effort, but when you're reaping the rewards of your efforts as you go along...

      Doesn't that make it worth it?
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    I like my lifestyle and what to keep it ;-) That alone provides motivation and drive.
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    Get more clients and hire more employee. It will put you into pressure to work hard so you can pay them
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    Grow my business, and better life for my children.. this drives me everyday..
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    My dreams and passions drive me to my goals. It really works.
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    I can be very productive once I start to become consistently successful. In other words, when momentum is with me I tend to do very well.

    Give yourself small tasks, complete those successfully, feel good about yourself – that’s my motto.
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    In Soviet Russia, car drives you!

    Sorry, couldn't resist.
    Web Design & Digital Marketing || I am not afraid of failure. I fail every day. My goal is simply to have more wins than failures. Failure is often one of the first parts of success.
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