"Luxury Goods" on your "Vision Board"?

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Fellow Warriors,

One of the first things Jason Dinner told me to do when we started talking was tell me to watch the secret... One of the things that stood out in there to me the most was the idea of the "vision board"...

I still have mine... it was a bunch of things printed out from the internet... pushpined onto a cheap cork board.

I was wondering... what "luxury" goods (aka physically tangible things) do you have on your "vision board"? It doesn't matter if the board is physical or if it is just in your head.

That vision board really did get me through some tough times when I wanted to give up... I was able to keep my eye on the prize-- or, rather, prizes... lol!

So, what things are you going to get yourself when you make it?
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    A new car because my other one is over 15 years old and in need of major repairs. My biggest desire is to write a check for $20,000 in student bursaries to my old high school to help the younger generation further their education in a desired field. I know that if I would have had this opportunity, I would be in a much better position now - kind of paying it forward so to speak.

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  • Aside from a very tall wide stack of gold US Double Eagle coins, I had a secluded cabin in the woods along a stream and a Chevy Volt for my "luxury" items. Pretty low key. . . .

    And these were mounted on what I called my "Dream Board" at the time. I received something far more valuable since then, however. Thanks for asking.

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    i am much more a practical person . one thing with being broke is i have had to accept the best i could afford of things i wanted ..not the best for my needs and tastes .

    i also have gotten really good at visualizing what i want and seeing what fits together .

    interesting as it is the current view of my luxury life , can be achieved on an amount of money most people would consider poor .
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    Dream Boards are tricky for me. I try to be what I see as "realistic" but at the same time you have to put what you want out there, otherwise how will it come to you? It can't come if you are of the belief that you'll never have it.

    So.. one thing on my dream board is a bmw 650i
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    I want what people think those luxury items will bring to them… Love, Happiness and Peace of Mind. But those are inner states of being. Sure, winning the Lotto will make us happy for a short period of time but it won’t last… The right partner will make you feel loved until they do something wrong or leave you and eventually they will because nothing last forever.
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    Personally don't use vision boards anymore.

    I prefer visualizing my perfect day


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    there is the dream house (swimming pool, fitted kitchen, lounge etc)

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      Originally Posted by Bhekizwe View Post

      there is the dream house (swimming pool, fitted kitchen, lounge etc)

      which you can rent in many developing countries where it is safer to live for less a month fully furnished than a crappy apartment in the dangerous parts of many cities in the US ..and if it is a third as dangerous to live in ..than most major cities in the Us ..you can rent a luxury condo in a building that is guarded by armed guards 24 7 .
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    At this point, I have a mental vision board. I think the physical one is good for getting people "in the groove" when they first start. It keeps you pumped during times of adversity... remembering WHY you are bleeding.
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    A physical vision board reminds you of your dreams but I think that a vision board in your mind and heart is what really matters.
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    I want to keep my vision board be very realistic and I want to have Toyota Land Cruiser to be on my vision board.
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      I'm pretty low key from the get go so I had one photo of a specific Mercedes Benz and a specific amount of money I wanted to achieve. I accomplished both very quickly due to visualization, listening to my own recorded voice reading my personalized affirmations, and taking action.

      I moved to specific number of people I wanted to help. Help 10 people, then 100, 1,000 people and so on. Know what? Giving to others feels great. So much better than anything else and the feeling is positively indescribable. So now every time I reach my target number, I add another zero.
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    Ah I'm definitely going to do this! I think on my board I will have:

    1. Ferrari 458 Italia.
    2. Rolex.
    3. Selection of photos of places I want to visit.
    4. Jet Ski.
    5. The luxury apartment building near me that I want to own one of the units in.
    6. Various hot women in bikinis scattered about it
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