Dig Deep Success Is Near!

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I may not know you and you may not know me but I want to speak with your for a few lines. Do you ever feel like giving up? Like it all just doesn't make any sense and that you rather settle and be mediocre and accept life the way it is? Maybe your mind is telling you that this is all "too hard" and that you aren't capable of making it happen.

I know how you feel I had the same thing for years, but let me tell you something, its in those moments when true champions are born. Listen life will trip you up smash your face in and do its best to crush you, but you see it isn't about who could hit harder outta you and life but its how many times you'll stand back up to life after begin punched down.

I wanted to give up. Five years online no money made. My family gave up hope in me and thought I was crazy, but one thing I've learned about success is if you're willing to work harder than any one else you can achieve what you want. When you've paid your dues ain't nobody could tell you anything because you earned it.

If you've done everything that you could and you work "hard" day after day night after night, not because you want to be rich, but because you're hungry for success. You refuse to accept to go through life being mediocre you know your hungry for success and that you're going to take it and that its just a matter of time. Even when you don't succeed you don't blame anyone. COWARDS DO THAT AND THAT AIN'T YOU.

People will try to stop you from achieving your dreams believe me they do me every although I make money online. When they come and all the forces of life try to make me crumble underneath the pressure I "Dig Deep" within myself and remember my promise "I'm going to be the last one standing Until I Collapse". I'm going to out work everyone including myself.

You know why because I'm dedicated. I'm motivated. I'm motivated by my pain, by my family's pain. I know I can do this I just gotto dig deep. I see the finish line my eyes on the prize.

I won't give up
I won't Stop
I won't be phase
I'm not Afraid

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