What Is It You Do Very Best?

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Because what ever it is it must be the thing you love to do the most. Wouldn't you say?

Or, . . . is it possible to do something so very very well but really hate the doing of it?

Still again, I wonder how many Internet Marketers are caught between both worlds? Which circumstance do you find yourself working in, Warriors?
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    I think it's an in-between thing for me.

    I'm a pretty good writer- but I don't necessarily love it.

    What I love to do is play video games :-p

    But at the same time, you should embrace what your strong points are. Instead of just trying to focus on weaknesses, it's better to do what you're best at!

    And as your business grows, outsource the rest.
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    • Fair enough, Stowie!

      That was a straight answer.
      Wouldn't it be cool if someone would pay you a $1,000 a week to play video games?
      I'll bet that's possible in someone's reality some where. . . .

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        I can give you my example

        I study Financial management which im really good at, it is all about numbers and economics, but the thing is I don't really like it especially when I had discovered Marketing a couple of months ago
        So recently I stumbled upon a term called FLOW, dunno if you're familiar with it ,basically it is when you're fully absorbed in an activity where time seems to fly away because you enjoy your work so much.
        and I think we both know what job is causing my mental state
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        • Orhan,

          What you spoke of is the very thing I am trying to get at. Thank you for your example! Feed your soul, stay in the FLOW! But also enjoy financial management when it shows up.
          Now you can really appreciate both professions. Congratulations!

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            Thanks LLS!
            sometimes your talent can hide behind the most unexpected corner. I was always looking for the job that was earning the most amount of money, thats also why I got into finance.
            I can tell you that I never was a real peoples person before, but talking to new people gives me more and more energy even though it costs some little effort.
            I always thought I couldn't do it but guess what? Initially you don't have to be an expert in you talent, you can perform really bad at it, but once you know you really really like it and you develop aptitudes in a fast pace you will know you have found your FLOW.

            I suggest you should venture like I did and find your talent as soon as possible, we shouldn't be afraid to take risks and try out new opportunities.
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    I'm a creative type. I love to create art and music (I play guitar), and I love to do my web designs. I realized that with web design I could make money doing what I love so that's what I went with. It wasn't an easy thing to go solo but the difference is when you have that enthusiasm for it, usually you can make it work
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    I'm definitely someone who has a good grasp on a lot of things IM related, but I couldn't really pick one out and say that I especially excel at that over everything else. This has been a very deliberate process for me, new methods/techniques/business models excite me. I've never wanted to be tied down to one particular sub niche or business.
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    I do can lead people and I was doing it whole my life. But I am tired of this already. I prefer just supervising results, instead of leading people. My VA leads people now.
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    I'm a pretty good seller and i enjoy it..

    But what i like the most is playing video games


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