Does it help to visualize your money

by abdoue
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Just been wondering often times nowadays more than ever, and I have asked myself "Does it help to visualize your money". Simply because, well we have the power to create billion dollar businesses and yet fall short, terribly short I might say. Visualizing is a concept where in we train ourselves to already see that we have something which might really help us get to the next level.

So, what is it that really makes you earn money?

Is it the method, is it the niche, or is it just luck?

We want money, we need money but how do WE get it?

Just something to ponder over, and think that if I want to start earning money; is it important to understand that we need our minds set towards it?

Just a simple experiment that I have been trying to see if it really works!!
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    we want money to get a lifestyle we desire .

    chose how you really want to live ..where you really want to live and who you want around you .and something you enjoy doing every day to support that.

    we don't have the power to create a billion dollar business unless the billionaire lifestyle is what we want ..but we do have the power to aim for a lifestyle we really want and build an income to support that .

    i have the where how and who if i make just 2 k a month after taxes ..and can have a a fun lifestyle

    I have the where how and who if i make a million a year ..

    I have the where how and who if i hit the hundreds of million/billion level..small palace , harem of models , private jet the businesses ..the dedicated staff for tailoring suits and other clothing items just for me ..and the harem girls of course ..and the palace is more like a small city .. i like having people around
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    I think it's pretty straight forward for most people. If you want a better lifestlye, in most cases you need more money. In order to make that money, you have to make a solid plan and stick to it for as long as it takes until you make that money a reality. Then the lifestyle we desire should follow.
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