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Hey Warriors,

If you are into personal development you have surely heard of Charles F Haanel and "The Master Key System" It was sold in 1912 for $1500....quite a chunk of change back then.

Anyway, we produced an audio course based on the book and is in 28 chapters, well over 8 hours of Audio for those of you that prefer the spoken to the written. The course is designed to be studied at the rate of one chapter a week, but you can read all about it at the website.

The Master Key System, by Charles F. Haanel. Key to Abundance Audio Course

We have posted all the audio lessons on the net for customers that buy the package but are making them available to Warriors for FREE to listen to at your convenience

No opt in, no upsell, nuthin, just a sincere desire to improve ;-)

Hopefully it is a tool that you can use to improve your life

I am not posting the link here, you will have to PM me as I do not not want the link distributed on the Internet,this is for warriors ONLY.

You have NO rights whatsoever to these recordings,they are copyrighted and all violators will be pursued, DO NOT share this link. If I find that the audios are being abused I will move the page. This is a product that is currently being sold online.

PM me if you want access and remember....

Abundance is not a privilege but a Birthright.
But to claim your birthright you must consciously choose to pursue it through the application of scientific and universal principles that have been proven time and time again.


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    I bought the Masterkey on cassette once through a group that was marketing is as a business opportunity. That group dissolved, but I still have those cassettes and listen to them about once per year. Everytime I listen to the Masterkey, I am able to Manifest money for about two months "out of thin air". It seems to truly help me make money with nothing but pure thought. Haven't been able to sustain it for more than a few months at a time though without throwing in actual physical action though. It would be nice to meditate on receiving money for a few hours everyday, and create abundance without anymore action than pure thought applied to my business (I hate cold-calling to generate new business). Any thoughts, tips on this???

    Steve Meade - Master Motivational Hypnotist and IM Pro

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      I think part of the problem is that when people get the book or the audio they treat it as a novel as such and read through it in a week or unfortunate side effect of our "I want it now" mentality.

      When the course was written it was delivered to the customer at the rate of one chapter a week, eliminating the ability to jump ahead. A great deal of the info is subtle in nature and if breezed over the meaning is lost and you do not have the ability to build upon lessons of the past week.

      The course is 28 chapters and is truly intended to be studied over 28 weeks. Try taking the audios and putting them on your desktop or load them into your ipod and listen to them as many times a day as possible. And do the exercises in each lesson.

      You obviously have touched on something but instead of being ingrained as it should you have only touched the surface because of superficial understanding of the texts...

      Spend more time until it becomes truly part of your thought process, and not just an after thought when you need quick cash.

      Hope that helps...

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    Oh man I cant believe I stumbled across this thread when searching for MKS audio.

    I love this reading from The Master Key System, by Charles F. Haanel. Key to Abundance Audio Course

    PM sent...
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      As I have just learned about the Master Key, I am looking forward to this and I thank you for sharing.
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    This looks really interesting, but I can't send PMs yet because I haven't created 50 forum posts.

    Though I think I should still be able to receive PMs, but I'm not sure.

    When you say this is free to Warriors only, do you mean all Warriors, or just people who are members of the War Room?

    I've been reading a lot of financial self-help books lately, and this seems like it could definitely add more knowledge to my arsenal.

    Anyway, I'll just post a bunch today and PM you later this evening, so ciao!
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    Thanks in advance,

    Sent PM.
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      I can't send a PM yet, may I please get this?

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        K, I sent a PM a few days ago, and still haven't gotten a reply back. >_>
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    well that sounds like a treasure I hope it is still available for warriors
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