One of my subscribers has finally gone full time with IM - YOU have the power to inspire!

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I got an email this morning that tugged quite a bit at my heartstrings and nearly made me drop my cereal bowl in amazement.

About a year ago, someone signed up for my list, bought a few of my recommended products, but never really made any contact with me.

This person emailed me this morning saying she finally quit her job and went full time with IM, giving a much better life for herself and her family. It took me over 2 years to go full time and she was able to achieve it in 1, which was twice as fast as me.

It was a really heartwarming email and made me cry a bit. A lot of subscribers tend to just come and go, never telling you how they're doing, but this one took the time to thank me for helping her go full time and to live the life she's always wanted.

Out of all the rewards I've ever gotten from doing IM, this is hands down the best one. Even more than the first penny I've ever earned online and more than when I finally went full time.

You hear it all the time, but IM is far more than "Making Money". It's much more about "Helping people solve their problems". which is where the real money is.

And this is ultimate proof that the best way to make money online or to achieve any dream in general is to TAKE ACTION.

Every single person in this forum has the power to inspire and help others, which is far more valuable than any amount of money. So to all my fellow IM'ers, take pride in knowing that you're not only making money online, but you're helping others which is the greatest reward of all.
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    interesting story..
    we should take action. dont do delay and live the life what we wanted

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    Thanks for this inspiring story. When a door is opened and opportunity arise, we need to take action.
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    Getting an email from someone you helped that says that they are now FULL time online, this is very rewarding and inspiring. You just want to help more.

    Way to go and congratulations. Just shows you that the very few who do take action when you recommend something, they will succeed.
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    I love to read stories like this

    Have a nice day!

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    Yay! Very inspiring read - Thanks very much for sharing this.

    All the best to y'all

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    Noting better then that.... unfortunately no matter how good is your stuff, 99% will never make it!
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    That's gotta make you feel on top of the world! Thank you.
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