Have the people in your life changed after you became successful?

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My family's attitude has changed toward me since the past two years. I migrated to the US on my own 13 years ago and received citizenship in 2011. In 2011 I created my first product. I share all my knowledge and resources freely with them and at first they seemed excited. Now they look at me differently, like I am lucky or something without considering the effort everything took.

I completely understand that our close friends circle changes as we get older.
But - have you experienced changes in attitude from family after you became successful in your endeavor?

Was it for the better or worse, and how did you handle it?
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    Yes it did. I started struggling when I started my web development firm in 1999. I started with a loan. I had no internet knowledge. No money. No technical degree. Only an MBA degree, basic logical sense and analytical skill.

    Soon all the money ran out but I found no surety of a bare minimum monthly income although I used work 16 hours a day. People around me got changed. They started blaming me for doing something where I have no ability. They used to humiliate me before many people. I simply tried to avoid them.

    In 2003/04 situation changed. I started seeing success. Soon their attitude got changed. Some of them could never be easy with me again. But most of them tried to patch up the relationship.

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  • It was to the better for me because my family is only supportive of my work even when it is not going so well. (I lucked out)

    When the good times roll and all is in a financial upbeat they are pleased for me, when the times are not so good I still have their support because they understand the reality of living on planet earth.

    We've noticed the "good" and the "bad" insist on having their time with me. Knowing this for sure, I welcome, as best I can, both of these guys into my life. . . .and so it goes. Really!

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    Family will always love, no matter what but now they feel more prouder of me as I have my own online business
    yes a circle of friends have changed and grew up in last 2-3 years... I think it's quite natural as more people would like to be friend with you if you are successful.
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