If You're Struggling With Your IM Biz, Read This...

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"The end is not as fun as the start..." - U2

The first couple years of starting any business, especially in Internet Marketing, is usually met with obstacle after obstacle; challenge after challenge. If you're still struggling to generate the kind of conversions that make choosing IM as your bread-and-butter, be easy on yourself.

I admit...

It's incredibly easy to become overly agenda and end-result oriented. You're always looking for those little golden nuggets of information that might be the thing to take your IM Biz to the next level and finally make some real cash. Sound familiar?

......Maybe you're still seduced by looking at your competition's websites - making yourself question whether you're doing enough to stand out.

......Maybe you're looking at your bills and wondering how you're gonna pay them - making yourself second guess whether or not you can really become successful in IM.

......Maybe you let yourself get bogged down by all of the junk out there - making yourself realize you never, ever want to lose who you are; your integrity in your rise towards abundance.

The IM Biz journey is (almost) never easy. And RIGHT NOW, you might be surfing the WF looking for something to spark an idea or inspire yourself to embrace a new perspective.

Perhaps this next statement could the thing you're looking for:

As you grow and change - so do your marketing results. (Read that again.)

In other words...

Being successful, in any business, is about growing (and letting the limited parts of your identity die. I mean that literally)

Most people are only able to see as far as their beliefs let them. You can't let that happen. So, it's your JOB to feel uncomfortable and push the boundaries of what you think is possible as much as you can every. single. day! It's also your JOB to read and engage in your own personal self-development. Don't just read books and attend seminars/webinars about "how to explode your bottom line," devour anything you can get your hands on to change and expand your beliefs/attitude.


Make it a daily practice to write down everything that makes your business; your product or service unique and special.

Write down all of the reasons why you're passionate about what you do.

Write down all of the reasons why you're excited to positively impact people's lives with your solution.

This WILL powerfully change your level of confidence.

And believe me...

When you go through your day with a deep, substance-filled feeling of confidence, your decisions MUST reflect it.


This is a journey.

Your IM evolution is an adventure.

And just like that Bono/U2 quote in the beginning of this post, you damn well better believe that as much as you might HATE struggling, you LOVE those delicious breakthrough moments. Treasure those moments as much as you can. Because those feelings; those sensations are WHY we do this, not the money. The money, helping people and overcoming our past limitations are just the circumstances that trigger the feelings we live for.


P.S. I write down the circumstances and moments when I experience a breakthrough. I recommend doing the same. You'll want to look back at your IM journey and relive those breakthrough sensations. You'll be amazed at how different you are - when your PayPal account is full of money and sales are unstoppable - compared to the person reading this post RIGHT NOW.
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    Excellent post Mark. Very motivating. Thanks for sharing!
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    This is a great post and I appreciate that you wrote this. It really spoke to me for sure.
    I will be completely honest this IM business is the most challenging thing I have ever done. I mean every single day if you are not careful you are pulled in multiple directions. Information overload will happen in an instant if you are not careful and you will be pitched everything under the sun. You will question everything you are doing. Is it working, am I doing enough what do I have to do to make this work, What are they doing? Why is it so easy for them to make so much?
    This post really spoke to me.

    Thank you again.
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    Very motivating. Thanks
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    I appreciate your thoughts. I heard you say be patient and never give up on yourself especially with IM.(it will come in time)
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    thank you for the motivating thread :>

    if you find yourself really exhausted with all the problem life throw at you...."rest if you must, but don't give up" - i forgot where i read this quote though... :>
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      Awesome post Mark, I definatly related to this part-

      "......Maybe you're still seduced by looking at your competition's websites - making yourself question whether you're doing enough to stand out."

      I often find myself doing exactly that. But as you said, let the limiting beliefs die and just keep going, it's all a journey. Great stuff! thanks
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    I will print this. Thanks!
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    Great post.

    One of the biggest initial breakthrough's I had was that there is great power in simply being able and willing to take imperfect action, screw up some, learn from it, and change my approach...over and over and over again until I get the result I want.
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