The Typical Prospect: What Is Known About Him?

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The typical customer is seeking the best possible life for himself. His resources are limited however; and there is only so much money, energy and time. So he must divide up those resources in some way that will positively increase his circumstances.

In doing this he makes plans and designs, . . . ways of getting what he wants. What motivates him are the goals at the end of those plans. Generally, he knows what he wants and has a number of ideas as to how to get it.

So, which would be the easier action: help him get what he’s after or try to override his motivations? This would be one of the secrets of selling: help him get what he’s after. And, in order to do that we must locate the prospect’s motivation and appeal to it.

We should always remember each individual is different from all other human beings. He has his own nature, his own outlook, his own ideas, plans and goals. He must not be treated like a carbon copy of every other prospect you’ve ever encountered. He’s not!
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    One important factor to remember, the typical prospect is not YOU.
    Don't put your own opinions, wants or needs onto someone else. You have to find out what they want or need/

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