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by iPeter
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Hi, guys. I'd like to know how you usually spend your days. For example: 4 hours of this, 3 hours of that, etc. Or you can use time periods (e.g. 09:00-10:00 - this; 10:00-12:00 - that, etc.). Or whatever other format you chose.

I just want to check whether I spend my days well enough compared to your days.

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    Now I have holidays, so I'm not attending any lectures etc. but that's how my usual day looks like.
    3-4 hours of work, 2-3 hours gym or 1-2 hours running, about 2 hours learning and some coding, free time with friends or doing random stuff

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    I don't understand why you want to know this because everybody's day will be very different. Knowing what I do during my day will not benefit you in any way.

    Cheers, Laurence. Writer/Editor/Proofreader.
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      Originally Posted by laurencewins View Post

      I don't understand why you want to know this because everybody's day will be very different. Knowing what I do during my day will not benefit you in any way.
      1. I want to see how the warriors, whose lifestyle is similar to mine, allocate their time towards work, sleep, fun, sports, hobbies etc. Thus I would be able to make my daily routine similar to your routines.

      2. Due to circumstances, there is a time gap of a few hours in my day when I have nothing to do (and I can't do stuff that strains my eyes). I can get ideas from you.

      3. And there are a couple of less important reasons.
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    I wake up 7.30 am, go down and eat breakfast, then i work 4 hours on the Brigde. After that 1 hour break then 4 hours on deck, until 5 pm. Then i am off duty from 5pm to 8pm and in that time perioed, i use my 75mb datalimit/day internet connection to do some most needed work on websites, and then browsing Facebook and warriorforum. At 8pm i go the the bridge again for another 4 hours. Work until midnight, then i go down to my cabin and work 1-2 hours before i go to sleep.

    This ruitine goes 7 days/week for 3 month.

    I Work on a Chemical tanker, Currently sailing in the Caribien and Gulf og Mexico. Monthly working hours on the ship is about 350-380 hours and then around 100-120 hours on my company.

    Bet mine is very different from most others.
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    Wake up 6ish, breakfast work till 5pm, gym, home then try fit in as much IM stuff till about 10:30.
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    8-12 work / break / 1-3/4 work with possibly an hour or two during the evening after gym and dinner etc.
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    Wake up at 7 have breakfast, read spend some down time.. by 9 am i go online.. read articles, fb, twitter, random articles on the web by 10am i start doing graphic design, im related activities until 5pm. dinner and then hobbies/tv then 10pm im off to bed.
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