"Excuse be Gone" - wow!!!

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Excuses be Gone - by Dr Wayne Dyer

My all time number 1 life changing Book (Audio Book in fact).

Throughout my journey of self improvement I have read and listened to some great work, like classics Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Think & Grow Rich and so on but my absolute favourite is Excuses Be Gone. I have teh Audio book, bcause I can listen to it and my mind tales more in, I find reading slower and more distracting.

The main point of this book is self responsibility and work from there on not fighting the universe but being as one with it - and I hav found that I have got so much more from life by understanding this basic principle.

I would love to hear from you if you have read/heard Excuses be Gone - and what you got from it? If you get achance an dyou want to.......listen to it...I promise you it 'could' change your life.

thanks Gavin
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    I have not read this book but I have just added it to my list on audible! I love that app. Thanks for the share.
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    I'm about to read this one as well, Wayne Dwyer is a great motivational author. Have u read you'll see it when u believe it? That's a good one too.
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  • Hi Gavin,
    It's always a nice way to start a thread by recounting your personal experience with something that remoulded your life. Such stories are always inspiring to me.

    I have not read or listened to the Dr. Wayne Dyer book you mentioned, but I can understand what you mean by not resisting what life wants to give you because you feel it doesn't add up to what you want in that particular moment.

    Thank you for the encouragement to listen to or read his "Excuse be Gone" book.

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      Something which has really helped me recently is the book 'The Inner Game of Tennis', there are several other books in the 'Inner Game' series (including one on business) and I plan on purchasing them all.

      An important concept to grasp is that the sub-conscious mind always has a reason why it does the things that it does, in relation to this post, if you are constantly coming up with excuses for the non-pursuit of your dreams, there must be a reason why your sub-conscious mind believes that the non-achievement of your dreams is important to you to be true.

      The subconscious mind is always working to reinforce beliefs which it believes that are important to be true in your perception of reality. This is why we all know people that, no matter what happens, will always find a reason to be upset or ticked off about it. If you hold the belief that "The world is a scary place and everyone is out to get me.", and if you hold it strong enough, your subconscious mind will work diligently to reinforce that belief for you.

      So, if you are wanting to change literally any aspect of your life, what you must do is engage the Reticular Activating System and make it work for you rather than against you. The RAS is what is responsible for reinforcing your beliefs that either the world is out to get you or it is out to help you. How do you go about doing this?

      The best self-help book that I've ever read for dealing with change in literally any area of your life, and for making the RAS your bi*ch, is a very small book called "It Works!". This book is definitely worth a read, but I'll give you the basic premise of it right here:

      You write out 3-5 goals, they can be either short or long term, but short term to medium term is best for these purposes (these can also be beliefs which you'd like to instill in yourself), and you read your list in it's entirety 3 times daily (morning, noon, night). This is essentially the same idea as Louise Hay's affirmations, but I believe that this book came out earlier than her work did. I am uncertain as to whether this book influenced her or not.

      I hope that this helps you in your journey.

      God bless!

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    This sounds like a great book and I am going to have to put it on my list of books to read.
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    Yeah I have that one too! LOVE wayne. One of his newer ones... Wishes Fulfilled... I like that one a lot too. I had no idea Mr. Dyer was even sick :-O
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