Do This Before You Write... And Watch Your Conversion Rate Soar

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Before you sit down to write... go take a quick shower. Halfway through, turn the hot water off... grit your teeth... let the freezing-cold water wash over you until... your body's inner warmth comes out and you "get used to it."

Now dry yourself off and write.
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    Um, no thank you, lol!

    I'm not into self torture.

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    Cold showers are awesome, great alternative if you don't have a cup of joe around.
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    Rather cool approach !

    I personally switch between hot and freezing cold ( 2 mins hot 2 mins cold ). Normally with the water aimed at head chest and back. The alternating sequence of the two extremes will start to develop a pump like circulatory motion. Hot for increased blood flow and cold for restricted blood flow.

    The idea behind this is greater oxygen delivery to the brain. Whilst also helping to eliminate free radicals from the blood.

    Do this for 10 -15 mins and end on whatever temperature makes you more "alive."

    Happy writing,

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      LOL! I think you guys are crazy. All I get from cold showers is a headache and muscle spasms.

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    I always take a cold shower after a hot one, it closes the pores and makes you glow all over.

    Also, I always write these four words on my blank screen or note pad before I start to draft anything

    "Why Should I Care?".

    Meaning- why should the reader care about what I write and why should I care about the reader.

    Prosperity to all cold shower takers

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    I'm with Terra....forget those cold showers, especially in winter. I hate even stripping down for hot showers some mornings as it is so cold.

    Cheers, Laurence. Writer/Editor/Proofreader.
    Website / Blog for more info.

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    I am totally agree with Dansharp. It is the ultimate way to be totally wake up in order to work anyday of the year.
    It is like a jumstart not with a battery of a Toyota but with the national electric grid! I just love it.
    After that I take Samsmile advise: Remind yourself why are you writing? why you care writing about?
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    It might be a quick caffeine boost, but it goes down pretty damn quickly if you're already tired to begin with.

    I used to try everything when I used to cram for my exams. Cold showers were mildly successful.
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    Cold showers are really working for me. Boost me always. Then write. Lol
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    Your approach sounds military to say the least. I can only imagine the screaming.
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