How To Brainstorm Ourselves For New Ideas?

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I am wondering how do we find new ideas and what do we have to do to become creative and make good use of our imagination for good purposes and attaining success?

Is there a particular way to go or some already known methods? Especially to put our imagination to work and get creative ideas?

Is it possible to get new ideas out of the blue? Things we never before thought of? What is the way to get into things totally new?

What leads people (or even geniuses) to think out of the box?

Do we need a particular environment for this or can it happen anywhere at any time? It is just how to put our mind to work in the right direction putting away all the "negative" thinking and leaving room only for the good ideas to come in.

Does yoga help? Or some kind of meditation? (I don't know anything about meditation) Or being in an inspiring place? Or brainstorming with a good friend or someone with the same goals?

Something that can be applied to our every day life or also product creation for example, other things too I am sure.

I would be happy to have your feedback on this.
Thank you very much in advance.

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    I let my mind wonder, for example my newsletter was built by an immense brainstorm.

    I was thinking how many people struggle and I soon managed to come from helping individuals to masses on my newsletter.
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    New Ideas are "thoughts on a roll". Concepts that come from small ideas that are mapped to another thought and so on. When I am working on a new idea it is about being open to anything on TV, internet etc. When I am in the zone with a new idea I have difficulty sleeping and I pay particular attention to these!
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    I think the most important thing in releasing your creativity is to take a break, enjoy some down time! "Sleep on it" is pretty great advise. When you are completely wrapped up in something and pushing to hard, it is easy to become blocked. So take a break, and the ideas will come easily.

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    Do not get your self over stressed and leave your mind to wander here and there... Do this practice on regular intervals say weekly or monthly. Try to monetize the idea, draw it on paper. Do a paper dummy practice and imagine how will it work...

    It's very rare you reach the idea in the first blow. But after some practice of creative ideas, ideas start flowing out of blue.
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    The trick is to free your mind from the shackles of everyday thinking. Sometimes intense physical activity helps. Jogging, Bicycling, Swimming.... all stimulate the mind to think fresh. Writers who suffer from Writer's Block often find that their idea machine gets cranking when they are not staring at their computer screen. I guess, I'm trying to say don't "Force" your mind to think too hard to come up with an idea. Rather, give it the inputs for the scenario you want to solve and let it roam free. Be careful, not to stifle ideas or chains of thoughts at an early stage by applying your "logic" to it. Logic has a role later. But, for now let your mind roam free and go about doing physical activities that stimulate your senses. Sometimes a small stroll in the rain could do it. Make sure you have a way to capture your ideas for analysis at a later time. A voice recorder or a small notebook at hand at all times will ensure that you do not loose any of those amazing ideas that so often appear fleetingly within chaotic din of the countless thoughts that swirl within our head.

    Hope this helps. Good Luck and set your mind free. Let it wander. Don't try too hard.

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      To find new ideas, I like to browse what interests ME about my niche.

      Read other blogs, forums, magazines, etc.

      I also use YouTube to unblock writer's block. Watching videos in my niche gives me tons of great ideas to write about.

      Another tip I use is to append certain keywords to searches in my niche. If my niche is, say, LCD TVs, I search that phrase along with other 'hot' phrases like "information", "review", "solution", "issue", "problem", etc., and that helps me read about what others are saying in my niche that is worth writing about.

      I have a free report called "Uniquification" which has a bunch of ideas on brainstorming new ideas, as well as how to take existing content out there and make it unique so you can publish it quickly. Uniquification - No Duplicate Content

      Hope that helps!
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    I usually read consumer and product magazines and think of efficient improvements that can be made. Another very good way to see a potential demand/need is to read customer feedback forums/comments. This is a gold mine! Look at what your competition sells and how the people liked it and what they felt could be improved about it.
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    I try to watch some motivational speeches on the Youtube and you know most of the time you get some thing new, some new indea in it.
    Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.
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    Just move on with discussions with people and try to contradict them on what they that discussions one comes up with quick ideas. You can think for a situation in both for or against and get ideas for a particular topic.
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  • One in my observation of experiential phenomenon that is very true is the fact that all of my ideas come out of the blue. Try it once in while? You do it all day long. Watch your thoughts arise and be amazed at the power of your mind to carry on on its own with or with out you.

    And also I am so happy that my heart keeps beating.

    Thanks for all the wonderful questions you really got me thinking.
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      Best ideas come when I don't expect them. For me it's nightime or vacation... When my head is empty of stress, thoughts about job, university and problems, when I'm spending my time somewhere in the nature, great ideas just jump into my head!

      I recommend to go out and just try to relax, forget your problems, and the answer to those problems will probably automatically appear.

      Even more ideas come into my head when I try to develop the idea which just fallen from the skies. Usually a great idea comes at night to me. I rush to grab this end of the thread and try to roll out the whole thread ball. It sometimes takes to three or more hours but following one idea to many others buys off. I write down everything in detail. You can't trust your memmory...

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    I do my best brainstorming with a belly full of beer
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    I tend to get inspiration, the new ideas from licking my day-to-day life. I will be walking down the street minding my own business when all of a sudden out of nowhere jumps great idea, and I go with it and from that great idea branches new ideas. And so gross a tree, on my idea farm.

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    There's no one way. Many geniuses meditated or used self hypnosis or visualization. Einstein used thought experiments. Nikolas Tesla visualized machines and ran them in his mind to see if they worked or when they would fail. Edison had a special creativity room where he "napped" and no one was allowed to disturb him while he was being creative.

    Belonging to a mastermind group may help as "blue sky" sessions. The most important thing is not to edit (or critic) yourself when in the first phase of creativity. Make a list of as many ideas (about the subject) as possible as fast as possible (speed stops the inner critic). Then you can evaluate the ideas for practicality and modify them.

    You can also use mind-maps to foster your creativity.

    Since I'm a clinical hypnotherapy I use self hypnosis and also find that walking turns on my creative juices. When I walk I take a pen and some index cards and write down a word or two about my ideas so I don't forget them, or I record my ideas (depending on where I'm walking).

    You have to develop your own way and your own tools but recording all your ideas and thanking your inner genius (we all have them) increases your creativity.

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    Always think for yourself. Common sense is often just common. Also don't be a Pringle - bring out you uniqueness in IM as other things.

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    Warriors ideas are everywhere, being around positive or negative surroundings you can stumble upon a niche.

    What needs to happen is you just need to open your mind to everything and everyone around you beginning with yourself. Most people think that there creativity or talents are limited to a certain level within themselves simply because they are afraid to step out the box.

    I'm 28 years and up until 2 years ago I've never used a computer other than typing class a semester in 8th and 9th grade not even a email, I always thought that using a computer was too difficult. Then on valentines day in 2007 I received video camera as a gift, never really used a video camera either except playing around with my parents as a kid, needless to say though I feel in love with the camera.

    A friend of mine told me that there was a video editing program (windows movie maker) that comes on most new computers and that I should check it out. So we went out and picked up a computer and I haven't turn away since.

    Graduating from movie maker to adobe premiere and after effects, drawing pads to photoshop, illustrator, flash, & dreamweaver.

    I'm on my way to becoming a full time internet marketer and leave behind the backbreaking world, never in a million years would I've thought of me being capable of performing the tasks I do. After a while when I got that first computer I started realizing that the only thing and the only one that will limit my potential is me.

    Barriers came crashing down, now everywhere I look I see a potential product, service, or support in need.

    When are you gonna limit yourself?

    Open your mind Quaid... Open your Miiiinnd.
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    Originally Posted by ConcordeWarrior View Post

    I am wondering how do we find new ideas and what do we have to do to become creative and make good use of our imagination for good purposes and attaining success?
    All creative endeavours are like flowers. You cannot make them grow; you must create the environment where they will grow, and let them grow in their own time and their own way.

    So it depends on what kind of idea it is. If you want to have an idea about some particular subject, go where that kind of flower grows, and plant your seed there. Then wait. Look at the other flowers. Enjoy them. If you do that long enough, your seed will sprout, and the idea will grow.

    If you want internet business ideas, go search for other people's. Read them. Re-read them. Examine them. Talk about them. Think about them. If you do this long enough, you'll have your own internet business idea.
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      What worked for me was Vipassana, a 10 day meditation course.

      However, you can't read, write, or talk to anyone for the full duration of the course.

      But hands down, the most incredible ideas, the most vivid imagination, and by far the most creative I've ever been.

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  • I get a lot of ideas when I'm reading business books. Write now I am almost done with Gary Vaynerchuk's "Crush It" http://cru****
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