Human Nature's 3 Laws: . . . Just What You Thought They Were!

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1. "All human beings are seeking their happiness".
This has been so since before recorded history. Not every act delivers happiness. Mistakes are made along the way. But each act is aimed at bringing happiness. Each will experience happiness in different ways. Each has lived a separate life, a different background, different knowledge level, intelligence capacity. Every living individual is making his decisions in order to bring about happiness in his life, even though what others happily achieve may be very different from what we would have chosen.

2. "Happiness is relative to all."
Aside from the one common characteristic all human beings share: each seeks happiness, beyond that every individual is different. Since each person has lived a separate life and experienced a completely different reality to everyone else, what makes one person happy will not provide similar happiness for another. Happiness is relative to the person. It is he or she who decides what will make them happy.

3. "Resources are limited in our experience."
To begin with, the three main resources an individual has at his disposal are time, energy and knowledge. Each of these is limited in scope of use. With these three basic resources a person creates property. Ultimately this consists of what he has managed to produce and any money he can use to buy other possessions. Because of the shortages of resources he is forced to "choose". And, in order to make the most efficient use of his resources he chooses amongst various alternatives. Hence, limitation is relaxed through one's choice.

And this is when the salesman was born!
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    Isn't it ironic that two people can be given the very same resources and opportunities but depending on their choices and responses they can react differently and their lives can turn out differently? Deep right?
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    I may be here for a limited period of time but, personally, I believe I have access to unlimited resources during that time.

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    do you know the federal poverty line in the US is like 45k ..and near 100k for a couple .

    like 5 billion people on the planet live on either a bit more than 2$ a day or much less.

    now sense in the US anyone below the poverty line is a failure matter how well they are living ..we must attack them and make fun of them and look down on them when they do anything that make them happy..but does not show motivation to persue wealth .

    why do most people fail..because to many elitist personages raise the bar of where success is to make what is a lavish life compare to ten years ago..or 90 percent of the rest of humanity into failure .
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    so i am just happy being disagreeable

    most people have no idea what they really want or what makes them happy.. it is generally something new and surprising that brings excitment in their lives

    but because we seek happyness instead of building a life a constant supply of new things that add excitement in a positive way many many people stray from their happpy lives into exciting things that cause much harm to them and those around them /

    many formerly happy husbands and wives have had to ask why they or their partner had an affair or just suddenly left .
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