Just FOCUS It's Over You Can Make It!

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Hi my friends, first i want to introduce my self, my name is Yassine from Morocco, i love to search and learn a lot of thing, and i love to invention stuff in IM Industry .. because i believe that you and everyone can be successful in this Industry without spending money [ For People That Don't Have money Of Course ]

I can do what i want it's easy to make money in the internet, but if you need to learn, marketers are Learners my friend you need to learn a lot of thing ..

and focus, if you want to learn, just focus, and put what you want to learn in a paper then begin learning,

don't try to learn everything, you will go broke if you do this, just try to learn step by step,Do not go to next step until you adjust the previous step

and if you don't have money you can do this stuff by promoting stuff from clickbank, making a blog in blogger + google adsense you can make a leaving without spending a peny, you need just 3month of hard work doing some daily basis work [If You Focus And Believe In What You're Doing]

That's my simple advice for you in this thread

By the way English is not even my second language, It's my Third Language but i love english,i have a simple question for you

I want to know if my english is good ?

And Thank's to everyone in this forum, i learned a lot of thing from members Here
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    Hi Yassine,
    I think your English looks pretty good in writing, but you mention you want to do a video product. I think that obviously makes things a lot more complicated when you have to talk. I'm speaking from personal experience when I have traveled and learned other languages. Thinking through the words to say on the spot can be a lot harder than sitting down to write.
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    Just go ahead and create the video. I think your English is pretty decent. Good luck
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    Don't worry, your English makes sense to me. And just go ahead and do the video. Follow your guts.
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    Hi Yassine

    Your English is really good!

    Like others have said, take action and start getting your video made, it seems like you have a great attitude and work ethic anyway which is one of the most important parts of internet marketing.
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    Thank's to everyone for your motivational feedbacks, I will do it
    Online Marketing Presence in Arabic World Arabs Engine

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