Don't Look Through The Lens Of Fear

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Fear attempts to control our lives and prevent us from becoming great. Fear stops us from doing the things that will make us better, stronger, and powerful.

Maybe if you tried paid traffic you would increase your income from $50 a day to $150 a day (but you fear the risk of losing money). Maybe if you tried video marketing people would connect with you and you would increase your sales(but you fear the risk of putting yourself out on the internet and being ridiculed). Maybe if you sold your T.V. you would have the extra capital you need to take your business to the next level(but you fear the outcome of not being able to watch your favorite shows whenever you want).

See where I'm going with this. Fear literally cripples your mind and prevents you from making crucial decisions that could change your life for the better. Fear shields us from failure and possible disappointment but, are you really happy with being mediocre and just letting things happen. Or, do you want to take control of your life and evolve into the more powerful successful you?

Fear is important but, don't let it control you. Use fear as a tool to help you with your decisions, but don't let it take over your life and prevent you from becoming the best "you".

That's why my avatar is Batman. Once he faced his fear, he became unstoppable. He was smart, he was wealthy, he was strong but once he conquered his fear he was able to transform himself into something greater. If he would've never faced his fear he would've been a miserable man living in a big mansion by himself.

I know he is just a character but look around. All if not most of the successful/famous people had to take risks and conquer fear in order to reach their success.

We all know how powerful fear can be. It can cause us to walk away from our dreams and say no to the things that would make us better. What if you were able to conquer this power. What if you could use fear as a tool/weapon for success, instead of it using you as a slave.

Don't look through the lens of fear, because it will always tell you to do what is safe and easy, which is the opposite of what you need to do if you want to be successful.
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    Fear can manupulte us to think that its better to try nothing new, because their will be risk in all our action.
    But Fear can also motivate us to take action to get out of our bad situation.
    If you get lost in a wood, you have two option:
    • you can go on to find the way out of this wood
    • or you can just stopp to go on and stay their, because their is a risk of getting more deep in the wood.
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    Some of our fears may arise from our subconscious mind. We should always try ways to impress upon our subconscious mind, the positive affirmations which gets rid of the fear.
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  • lets not put fear first before making steps forward....
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    Fear can only be beaten through FAITH!!!! Just try it
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      Originally Posted by mnjuguna View Post

      Fear can only be beaten through FAITH!!!! Just try it
      Yes, faith is a powerful way to deal with fear. I believe everyone has their own unique way of dealing with fear and it's important to figure out what that is. If you continue to run from fear or ignore it you will end up running in circles, wondering why you can't achieve your goals.
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    Originally Posted by tvon View Post

    Don't look through the lens of fear.
    I *love* this phrase! Very descriptive, and encapsulates both the problem and the solution - brilliant!
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      I think learning to overcome one's fears is essential for any sort of entrepreneur, and internet marketers especially. But does anyone else find fear sometimes useful. At times I have been able to take massive action because I fear the consequences of not doing it most of all. I'm not saying I'd want to spend my whole life doing that, but it has happened.
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    which fear is stronger ..the fear of doing it .. of making changes..or the fear of what will happen if you do not ..
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      Originally Posted by Odahh View Post

      which fear is stronger ..the fear of doing it .. of making changes..or the fear of what will happen if you do not ..
      It doesn't matter. ;-)
      "Each problem has hidden in it an opportunity so powerful that it literally dwarfs the problem. The greatest success stories were created by people who recognized a problem and turned it into an opportunity."―Joseph Sugarman
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      Originally Posted by Odahh View Post

      which fear is stronger ..the fear of doing it .. of making changes..or the fear of what will happen if you do not ..
      Personally, I don't get along with fear. In the past I have missed many opportunities because of fear and I've experienced firsthand how powerful fear can be in general.

      I'm not a very fearful person, meaning, I don't get nervous or anxious very often, but what happens is fear will demotivate me from taking risks even when there is a possibility that I might receive a tremendous reward.

      So, plain and simple I have retrained myself to notice fear and make it my slave. I refuse to let it control me nowadays. Sometimes people think I'm crazy(sometimes I think I'm crazy too) for doing some of the things I do, but I'm perfectly fine with that, because, facing fear is the only way to achieve unlimited success.

      For me the fear of uncertainty was more powerful then the fear of what may happen if I don't do something.

      I agree with Johnathan 2.0; it doesn't matter how powerful fear is, the only thing that matters is that you understand that you need to control it and don't let it control you.
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    Ahh! This has to be one of my favorite posts of all time that I've read so far. This really resonated with me.

    Lately Ive started taking a no fear approach even with fear I say Oh What The Heck and go for it and my life has been changing for the better drastically.

    Once you get past fear, you realize that most of the stuff that you fear is all make believe and doesn't happen at all.

    Thank you again my friend!
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