99 positive things about me.

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I just wrote this. Going to read it out loud everyday!

99 positive things about myself!

Awesome, web designer, web developer, social, cool, smart, account manager, android user, anime, games, outgoing, christian, family, loving, thinker, all-arounder, jack of all trades, topical, reader, dj, piano, volunteer, donor, peace, brother, son, fighter, handsome, video effects, beat maker, writer, online marketer, internet entrepreneur, photoshopper, War room member, warrior forum member, virgin, truth, unforgettable, fit, walker, brave, knowledgeable, wonderful, reliable, trust, endorsed, loved, JOHNY, champion, worker, designer, salesman, blogger, product creator, affiliate, swag, happy, strategist, prosperous, successful, merciful, grateful, light bringer, philosopher, young, funny, caring, capable, empath, generous, honest, intelligent, money maker, optimist, respectful, honor, warm, wealthy, wordpresser, website owner, freelancer, listener, talker, confident, worthy, skillful, spirited, nature, one of a kind, unique, tolerant, relax, nice, reborn, intimate, cook, growing, me.*

-Jonathan Emanuels

Post yours if you going to write one.
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