1000 usd investment want to make good monthly income with that!!!

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Hello have an investment of 1000 usd really want to make some good monthly profits out of it so any senior members can hire me and please guide me to make some good money
Any business needs time so I am ready to wait for 1 month minimum and get some good profits
So only senior talented members only and senior warriors please help me to achieve my goal
Cheers seeing forward
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    Originally Posted by service provider View Post

    Hello have an investment of 1000 usd really want to make some good monthly profits
    That investment alone is not going to generate a consistent income.

    Find a niche market you are passionate about. Learn all about it on this forum. Then put together a business plan for success. In this type of environment the old saying "If it is to be its up to me" rules.
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    Yes even i want to hard work but to be frank doing outsourcing all the things make us easy and play easy.
    so what i am thinking is get some regular monthly income after some time and a stable income.
    so really need help with senior warriors
    seeing forward
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    I have also got some money aside only for online marketing ventures so I have been looking at getting some websites built for me as I run my other businesses. Would any one experienced on the forum be able to tell how much to expect in ROI from investments like $1000- $5000?
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