Become The Star in Your Own Life

by emelef
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Everyone knows Attraction Marketing is the golden key to success online. But few people know how to 'Attract'. Are you the star of your own life? Or are you too busy being attracted to other people's lives because they are more successful, more interesting, happier than you are?

If so, you need to do something about that, now. How can you expect someone else to be Attracted to you when you hate yourself or you're negative? Look at the people who you are attracted to and assess their qualities... most likely they are happy, positive, empowered, brave, self-confident, kind, driven...

Become. Then Attract. Then Succeed.
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    Nobody is complete in yourself, Everyone attract to someone and admire them, In this best thing is that try to access all their qualities.
    nice post

    Enjoy Life.

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    People will always be attracted to somebody else. It's human nature. You can use these people as your inspiration and aim on being as attractive as they are.

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    mmm I like this thread!

    Very true though. I tend to attract a good amount of people, but for the longest time have been too self critical of myself. Now, Im finding the balance between critical and just being me.

    Thank you for bringing this to mind!

    Hope your well emelef,

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