Overcoming financial anxieties

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Most often we are in the anxiety and desperation for making more money. However desperation for money is like chasing a mirage; the more closer you try to get, the farther we get. Consequently we keep working harder with no appreciable monetary gains.
The real money comes when we are mentally relaxed and focused. That way we open our mind to money making opportunities and when we start acting on them, money invariably starts flowing in.
The best way to calm down the desperation of mind is to use money affirmations; positive thoughts of attracting money. The more you start using them, the more your mind gets convinced of your unfathomable ability to attract wealth and abundance. In addition you can use the power of mantras for attracting wealth. Listening or chanting of mantras will help to generate specific vibrations to make the Universe work in your favour. You'll start attracting many ideas and opportunities to make money. And thus you can overcome your financial worries
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  • I can relate to the use of audible and mental mantras to attract wealth and activities that lead to more wealth. Vibrational energies are not well understood and have little scientific basis yet still work for some people.

    Good luck with these mantras.

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    One key aspect for me is TRUST. Trust in yourself and your higher power. My higher power is GOD and when I trust in Him it seems like everything falls into place. I have high anxiety and it really helps me. Also during the last 15 minutes before you go off into sleep is when you should do your positive affirmations and empowerment. It will allow you to continue to be meditating on it all night AND most important in that exercise is to FEEL what you are trying to attract. Actually try to have the feeling of what it would be like to have a big beautiful house on the beach and a bank account full enough that money is no longer a worry to you. If you can actually feel what it is like and trust you will have it, then you will be unleashing some powerful forces in your favor. But just my two cents....:-)
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