Overcoming self doubt to attract money

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One of the essential prerequisite of Law of Attraction is to overcome self doubt. When you start implementing LoA, while you focus on your beliefs and visualizations, there are always mental contradictions. They will crop up to say, "No, this can't be done. It is not possible".
The moment you have such bouts of self doubt, the process of manifestation of your wishes and goals is derailed. Now the question arises, how to overcome the negative feelings of self doubt? Well, you can do that by practicing positive affirmations in sync with your wishes over and over again. You know, it's like building up your muscles. You can't build muscles in a day. It requires, hours of dedicated disciplined training over a period of time. Similarly, by dedicated repetition of your affirmations on a regular basis will forge your mind to believe that "It is possible"! Then your self doubt automatically withers away.
If you want to attract money in your life and doubt that it won't come, then I would suggest you to keep practicing positive money affirmations. Over a period of time, these will sink in your subconscious mind and consolidate your beliefs. Then you'll discover that wealth is physically manifesting in your life. You can also use the power of wealth mantras. Mantras are unique set of words with unique sound vibrations that help you to resonate with the frequencies of money. Thus they focus your mind towards attracting more and more money. Consequently you'll start getting money making opportunities or it would simple come to you through various sources.
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