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Do you set SMART Goals?

S = Specific, Simple, Significant

A specific goal will usually answer the five "W" questions:

What: What do I want to accomplish
Why: Specific reasons, purpose or benefits of accomplishing the goal
Who: Who is involved
Where: Identify a location
Which: Identify requirements and constraints

M = Measurable, Motivated, Meaningful

A measurable goal will usually answer questions such as:

How much
How many
How will I know when it is accomplished

A= Attainable, Actionable, Adjustable

An attainable goal will usually answer the question:

How: How can the goal be accomplished
Don't aim too high or too low
Align a new goal with your existing goals and with your values
Focus on the immediate benefits of working toward a goal

R = Relevant, Realistic, Review, Revise

A relevant goal can answer yes to these questions:

Does this seem worthwhile
Is this the right time
Does this match our other efforts/needs
Are you the right person
Is it applicable in current socio- economic- technical environment

T= Timeline

A time-bound goal will usually answer the question:

What can I do today
What can I do six weeks from now
What can I do six months from now
What can I do a year from now
What can I do five years from now
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    Try to! Try to break it down in to small chunks to beat the overwhelm!
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    Jenn, I love this! S.M.A.R.T. goals are just that...SMART! Too many times I've been overwhelmed by the sheer scope of a project. But, when you break it down into managable pieces like this, it doesn't seem as daunting as it did before. Thank you for the reminder today!
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    I like setting goals high! Even if they sound unrealistic to someone I make it happen and the feeling is just the best.
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      Without setting goals, people wander without a sense of purpose.
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        Originally Posted by Apra Barua View Post

        Without setting goals, people wander without a sense of purpose.
        Either I don't know Internet Marketing or I don't want Internet Marketing.

        Number 11 is lucky in snake & ladders.

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    I've heard a story about the graduating class of Harvard a few decades ago... They interviewed the whole class straight after they graduated and again 20 years later. What they found out was that the 3% of the graduates that had specific goals set up for their life were worth more in financial terms than the other 97% combined! That is the Power of Goal Setting!
    Good luck,
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  • this is really so nice.. I have heard this one when I was in college .. I also set high goals although it seems so hard to think but why not give it a try..right?? hehe
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    Great post.

    I always make sure to write down the SMART system when I create goals. Without it, I often don't know where to start, end up procrastinating and generally just failing. It's good for assessing if the goal is realistic and achievable in the time frame given, and helps you accomplish them easier.
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    This SMART goal is indeed really helpful. This is something worth taking your time in planning out. Will definitely apply this to my next project.
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    Jenn, It is really a nice piece I picked up today.

    Let me thank you profoundly for this inspiring guidance to warriors.

    With your permission, I would like to make a small video using what you have already made for those who wanted to listen to it. (of course with your name in it)

    Would you like it?
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    I really like reading this thread. Very inspiring. Lots of question needed to answer but worth it. Thanks for sharing this one Jenn.
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