Always Make The First Step Of Your Prospect Irresistibly Easy To Take

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This is because every transaction has two sales in it. The pre-sale or "sale before the sale" is an absolute requirement to sell the object of your pitch. This would be the equivalent of being accepted for a "sales interview appointment" by a perspective buyer.
He's saying yes to your presentation.

This sales interview doesn't have to be one in person. Consider the various media using their advertising headlines, their pitches, all competing for the prospect's attention and his dollars. (Radio, Print, Video, Social Media) When selling anything it is utterly important early on to command the attention and desires of the prospect you are attempting to reach for the sale even before he lays his eyes on your copy if possible. Any bone you can throw to make the first step of your prospect super easy to take will pay off in sales.

The simpler and more pleasurably you create an opportunity for your prospect to be predisposed or "positioned" to say "yes" to reading your written ad, your YouTube video, your hot offer, the easier it will be to consistently close the sale. Capture their attention at first glance.
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