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When you feel the need to earn money, you become desperate for it. You began to feel so much of energy inside. What if you don't find a channel to release out that energy?

You keep wandering to do 'Something' to earn money. But what if you don't know what that something is?

Frustration starts creeping it. You want to give your best, but don't know where. The desire for instant gratification, leads to immense pressure of energy inside your mind. Your engine is in full throttle mode but you don't know where to go.

If you are facing such a situation, the number one thing that you need to do is, relax your mind and control your energies. Next is to focus on things that you know how to do. That's your key area where you can offer your services. Gather your resources. Then advertise about your services in the best possible way.

Patience is the key, along with the belief that what you want to sell is worth selling so that people can go for it and in return pay you. It is that simple!

Next is the will to make dedicated and consistent efforts.

Soon you'll find that you are getting rewarded and money starts flowing in.

Thereafter you can plan to expand your services and catapult your income.

Everything in life is pretty simple, isn't it?
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  • I like the idea of gathering your resources and applying them to the goods or services one is able to provide for the sought after income.

    If the appropriate goals are met along the way to performing those goods and or services, everything should pan out accordingly with golden returns.

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    I agree that in order to focus, you need to relax our minds and control our energies so we can channel them properly. We are great balls of energies and if we don't know how to control them, we will be all over the place and we wouldn't be able to accomplish anything.

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    focus...focuss..and focus..
    that's all i can will lead you to success
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    Originally Posted by Vikram Anand View Post

    Everything in life is pretty simple, isn't it?
    Yep... Life Is Simple, Stop Overthinking It | Elite Daily
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      What you say is true, but I don't think it is all that simple.

      Someone once blogged several years ago that if it were so much easier to make money online then offline then more people would be doing it.

      I agree we should all just relax and decide what it is we can do. If that is not enough then we need to learn how to do more. I call that Internet marketing skills and most people do not have enough of them.
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    It's very simple, not easy at first. But when you finally get it right, you can just rinse and repeat, and then seems easy, because you already know how and what to do everyday.

    Listening to audios everyday for 1 hour of successful people helped me ALOT.
    Nike said it well, just do it!
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      What i believe is: do whatever you enjoy doing..Always be thankful to God. Money is never going to be enough for us.
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    I want to earn money with online marketing .I agree with you
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