"Make Your Move Before You're Ready"

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The reason the line attributed to Les Brown, "Make your move before you're ready" is so powerful is because it presupposes action.

Inherent in the statement is a very powerful call to action out of the core parts of oneself. It is the turn of a phrase that is so subtle it disarms the thinker's reason for excusing inaction all this time. And it finally gets you going if you're willing!

A paradigm shift of this magnitude taken to heart could literally change a person's life forever. The incredible power of plain delivered words never ever fails to intrigue me.
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    I love this. It sure beats the heck out of thinking to much about stuff and letting your mind talk you out of stuff by shortcircuiting conscious mind objections. Note to self, do this more!!

    Linda P

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    Taking action is the initial step for success.
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    I can get so caught up in 'paralysis of analysis' that I dont get anywhere. I need to consciously remind myself of this everyday
    i really love this quote
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      Churchill said it right....
      I never worry about action, only inaction.
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    That's something I'll be applying everyday. I listen to a lot of Les Brown. Thanks for the reminder.
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    Makes sense actually. before you turn coward about doing something make your move.
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    Love this - and as part of making the move, actually you will become ready!
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    • I really liked all your positive comments about the "reminder" thread about when to make your move. I am happy about the outcome of this thread.

      Thank you all,

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        When I hear a quote like this, I always think, "It's just like trying to travel down a REALLY steep hill."

        Taking the first step is the hardest part. After that, gravity takes a hold of you and you're flying faster than you can handle before you know it, and at that point, all that's left is to try to stay upright. Do that, and you've succeeded, no matter what.

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    Love it!
    So true, most people tend to over prepare themselves to be 100% ready before they start acting on a plan. This is a bad idea indeed because nothing starts off perfectly and you need to take that first step into ACTION before achieving anything.

    Take action now, make mistakes, fix them, move forward, get results.

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    So true. Just get started. Improve as you go.
    attracted to shiny objects
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    That's a great quote.
    One of my problems used to be the need to get everything right before taking action.

    Needless to say, things seldom got done when that was the prevailing attitude.

    I'm better now than I used to be but I still have a way to go.

    The quote "Make your move before you're ready" is a great affirmation and a spur to action.
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      This is something that I'm just starting to overcome, one year after opening my online business. Over-thinking strategies and outcomes really is paralyzing, especially when inactivity is backed by fear (as was the case with me). The fear of getting out into the community and just meeting people just ruins progress.

      Real entrepreneurs just get out there regardless of their fears. They screw up and make mistakes, but that's where the gold is: learning from the mistakes rather than never making them. After a few trials of practice, the fear just rolls off and confidence shines.
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    I do like that phrase.

    Especially becuase we're NEVER really ready. If you keep waiting and waiting and waiting... nothing will ever happen.
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