Your Spouse And Your Success

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Hello wevery body. How has your spouse encouraged you in your business or profession.

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    If I have work to do, my husband will make dinner, do the laundry, do the washing up and mind the children, giving me a good block of undisturbed time to get the job done. I couldn't ask for any more.
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    My husband has supported me in everything I have chosen to do. It is about allowing me space to do what I want, advice when I want it and support when I need it.
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    My partner, who I've spent every single day with since we met seven years ago, is my number once source of inspiration and energy. When we first met I was working in a coffee shop like Starbucks, with no professional experience in anything in particular. At the time I didn't believe I could even get a better job. Since then, his belief in me has led me to believe in myself.

    Thanks to his support I quickly began to accelerate through better and better jobs. I taught myself to be a web developer in my spare time, and got myself into an IT Management position, based purely on my own merit and skills. I couldn't have done any of that without Darren reassuring me the whole way, telling me how valuable he believed me to be, and that I could do anything I want.

    In the space of just five years, his support took me from making coffees to managing an infotech department. Then, two years ago, his faith in me gave me the self belief to go ahead and leap into working for myself. We both made the change at the same time, and we've been working from home in tandem for two years, completely self sufficiently. I can do it all because of him, and I do it all for him.

    So for me, my partner's support and encouragement has meant the world, and has completely changed my life.

    P.S. That's his shoulder in the left of my avatar, and he's the reason for the cheezy grin
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    My husband has always had me handle the finances and I give him weekly spending money based on what we both agree on. He earns the money and I use it to keep our home running.Touch wood.
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    When I was starting out ,she doubted a bit.
    But as we moved along, she believed in me, trusted
    me and we made it.

    She is the reason I do it for. She and my future kids.

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      Hi guys
      your spouse can play a best role in your success

      Understanding your partners goals, dreams and desires is also important for effectively filling the role of husband or wife. When a man marries his wife, he tells her in his vows that he will love her until "death do us part". This love is active and looks for ways to meet needs above his own.

      Whether you are a corporate conqueror or a self-made star, encouragement from your home team can mean the difference between rising to the top and staying there
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    My wife is the reason I don't go crazy. She is so supportive of my goals and ambitions. I don't think I would be where I am without her giving me inspiring comments and the desire to keep moving forward.
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    I am a writer and lucky enough to be able to work from home. I think my husband is jealous sometimes that I am at home and he is not. This has caused some tension at times and it is hard for us both to understand where the other is coming from. I am able to be there for my 6 1/2 year old twins and still make a decent living and often wonder why he is not more supportive as I undertake all of the responsiblilities of a stay at home mom!!
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    It is important to not only have a supportive spouse but also BE supportive to our mates with their chosen goals and desires. My wife has been by my side since I decided I wanted to get serious about my internet business. Her support makes me want to push harder and succeed because we are on the same page. Count it a blessing if you have that support structure.
    Commitment is the difference between people who "have potential" and people who have results.
    Demond Jackson
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    My wife is very supportive of me. She always asks how work went today. She is very concerned about my health and that I don't overwork myself.

    She is very strong on the fact that she doesn't want me to work too long and too hard.

    She is always encouraging me to take a break from work. It is very good if you have a wife that is supportive of you and your business because it can lead to more success for you.

    It is important for you to communicate with your wife what you are doing in your business so she can at least have a general knowledge of what you are doing.

    I always say that communication with your spouse is very good for your relationship and the success of your business.

    Oliver Allen
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    spouse? your kidding me. Let me tell you a story: I know a guy who make $10.000 a month, he used to make less from his job, until one day, he called it quit to concentrate to his business
    and what his wife did to help him? She kept on whining everday about how he quited that job, how can he support the family
    finally, when he make that $10.000 a month, she has to shut up for good
    the moral of this story: behind a successful man is the shadow of a woman, behind a failed guy is a real woman
    the end
    Only by helping your fellow businessman, you can finally achieve true success
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    My spouse has always been supportive, which is great. I've been able to stay home, work online, and raise the kids. Couldn't ask for anything more! :-)
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    Just yesterday, my wife encouraged me to keep pursuing my dreams. She is a huge part of why I continue to work towards my goals.
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    My onw wife has been very supportive too. Sometimes they dont understand what you are up to but it your duty as a hubby to let her know and encourage her to support you.

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