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I'm not really a drinker, in fact.. I've maybe went out to drink a few times in my life..

But the other night I went out to a friends house and drank quite a bit. I realized that the day after I wasn't in the mood to work.. or even eat. And today (2 days later) I'm trying to get back into the swing of things..

My question to all of the Warriors here is.. do you ever mix alcohol with your marketing strategy? And what do you experience after you drank.. do you do what I do, or do you actually become productive?

Justin Lewis

P.S. My mom is a struggling alcoholic and has been ever since I was a young child. I'm not asking this question for myself, but rather to see how others cope with drinking and working at the same time.
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    It is good to see you again. I hope you and yours are well and happy.

    Regarding drinking, I have never drank to the extent that it affected me for 2 days. Perhaps it was not as much the beverage but the quantity consumed that may be the problem at hand. :rolleyes:

    But let this not dissuade you! Continue on your quest to find a good ratio of alcohol-to-event mixture.

    I myself, recommend that alcohol mixes well with many social events, including marketing.

    Please do share your findings with us.

    Joe Mobley
    or, if I've had to much to drink,

    Jose' Wobley


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    I've wasted years of my past (and future) life on drugs and alcohol. Used responsibly, I think certain drugs and even alcohol are amazing tools for having more fun and connecting with others, a basic human need.

    When abused however, they lead down a dark path. My only advice would be to know your limits and stay within them.
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      I work during the day and do not drink alcohol at all. I do drink a lot of coffee in the morning and maybe a cup in the afternoon. I never understood what people who drank during the day got from it except maybe a dependency on alcohol which can not help your Internet marketing.
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      • I guess since I don't drink during my waking hours with the exception of an occasional beer, I won't be able to contribute much. But I would like to say it is relative to the individual who uses alcohol while working. I suspect most people who drink are doing just about the best they can. They'll figure it out one way or another.

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          I used to be a brewer and spent the better part of my life around alcohol in bars and pubs (from 17-35). I've seen the the many downsides to drinking and how people can lose their lives to the bottle.

          I've also seen people come together for events and drink has opened people up and lose their inhibitions and had a good time for it. We always used to have to chuckle at Christmas time though as the Xmas parties would see people who were not usually drinkers let themselves go and it would lead to some funny incidents (I know you shouldn't....but it hard not too).

          My views that the occasional drink can be good.....I sometime give myself the afternoon off, arrange to meet a copy-writing friend of mine down the pub for lunch and a beer or two.

          It can sometimes be productive we naturally talk about the IM biz and we have had a good idea or two. It is easy to get stuck in front of the computer. It is nice to sit down and relax and chew the fat and see what pops up.

          As for drinking to excess.....I don't remember chunks of my 20's and it is counter productive. There is no upside to it as you don't remember what the hell happened the night before and it affects you for 24 hours afterwards.

          Just my two-cents worth.
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        Originally Posted by Jeff Schuman View Post

        I work during the day and do not drink alcohol at all. I do drink a lot of coffee in the morning and maybe a cup in the afternoon. I never understood what people who drank during the day got from it except maybe a dependency on alcohol which can not help your Internet marketing.
        I'll agree on that one.

        I usually drink a coffee (White Chocolate Mocha) around noon. When it comes to drinking alcohol though.. The only time I'll ever drink it is in the evening. But even that's rare.

        My friends or acquaintances who do drink during the day are usually retired from the military, dealing with a bad marriage, or just aren't "there".

        Originally Posted by the brewer View Post

        My views that the occasional drink can be good.....I sometime give myself the afternoon off, arrange to meet a copy-writing friend of mine down the pub for lunch and a beer or two.
        I do however really appreciate "the brewers" response to the whole "afternoon drink".

        I'd also like to add that it's very interesting when you see people who aren't posting on the forum very often reply to very specific posts It's kinda cool, knowing that there are so many people out there in the world of so many different expertise, backgrounds and lifestyles.

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    Hi Justin!

    I've known (and known of) a lot of people who've worked for big companies, and in my industry, it's ALL about the alcohol. The devs, the sales guys, the managers, it seems like the larger the company, the more they're swimming. And it's specifically because of this that I don't drink at all.

    I don't drink coffee. I don't drink alcohol, only water and the occasional soda, and I can tell you that it makes a lot of people uncomfortable that I won't drink with them. That's been a huge issue for me throughout my entire life. I've often been told that it's not possible to get through work without using alcohol as a distraction, and that seems like a red flag to me.

    So, I'm not so sure about other industries, but I know that in mine, they DON'T manage their alcohol. They use it to distract themselves long enough to get through their work day (although how much they actually work depends on the person), and then they go home and do it all again the next day.

    That being said, it DOES have its place for social interaction. People open up with others when they can sit at a bar and drink together, but I think that it isn't usually because of the alcohol; it's because of the shared experience. Alcohol will calm many people and will cause them to open up, which does help, but in a lot of societies, that's just the thing that you do when you hang out with people. *shrugs*

    Actually, come to think of it, I have only ever met 1 person who can manage their alcohol, and their motto is, if they need to actually get work done and focus, they won't drink. If it doesn't matter, they'll drink a small amount of hard alcohol, just enough to taste it a bit, and if they want to drink water, they drink beer... and then a few HUGE glasses of water. XD lol

    I'm not sure if this was at all helpful, but I hope that it was in some way! ^_^

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    Based on experience there's nothing good alcohol brings to me as far as work is concern.
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    I remember reading Zig Ziglar's book on sales, which I believe is called Closing The Sale many years ago, and in it he talked about the importance of staying totally alert during a sales session, and advised salespeople to not drink the 3 martini lunch. Let the client's drink the 3 martinis.

    Some people can drink without having any problems, while others can't stop once they start. There is a reason for this. We got to talking about it in an old thread here at the WF (Off Topic) section about a drunk driver.

    Here is my post about some research I did that may have some bearing on this thread's topic...


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      I can only talk about selling. Mixing alcohol with selling is a mistake every time.
      If you are having a drink, it isn't making you sharper. If they are having a drink, it's impeding their ability to understand you.

      I never drink with clients or prospects. We say stupid things after a couple of drinks that can't betaken back. Emotions flare, comprehension is dampened.

      Your new best friend (after a few drinks) may be a completely different person the next morning.

      And if you are selling or writing a sales letter? How can slower reflexes and lowered comprehension help you?

      I used to have a salesman that wouldn't go on a sales call unless he had his cocaine. He thought it made him sharp. It didn't, it made him loud and overbearing. He couldn't see it, and it affected his work. I had to let him go.

      In the few times I was working a room, making contacts...and everyone was drinking? I nursed about half a beer for the evening.

      This isn't about morality. It's about being smart. Drinking, when trying to make deals, isn't smart.
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    This question and dilemma is different for every person.
    Drugs and alcohol affect people differently.

    For me, personally, I love drinking. It helps me relax, and I very rarely lose control or feel the urge to get super drunk.
    On the other hand, any other drug usually upsets me and makes me super nervous.

    So, I actually love to drink a bit while I work!
    It takes down those nerves that sometimes cause me to procrastinate or get scared.
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    No alcohol here. It's not healthy; it's practically liquid fat. I'll never touch it because I don't care for it. I don't drink coffee or pop/soda either.

    I think the world would be safer without alcohol. I respect responsible drinkers though, obviously. The problem is that most people are stupid.
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    Even though I've created some of my best products after a few drinks that's the exception and not the norm. I'm a social drinker and an avid wine collector and taster. I usually have a glass of red wine with my dinner. I'm also a huge fan of craft beers and enjoy attending beer festivals.

    As already mentioned by a couple of people, alcohol not only affects people differently, but people have different perceptions about it based on their upbringing, values, how their parent(s) dealt with alcohol, etc.

    My father was an abusive alcoholic and I swore I would never grow up to be like him. I made a very conscious decision at a young age not to abuse alcohol.

    I think alcohol in moderation is fine for most folks and for me, it's fantastic!

    Like anything, if you abuse it, it will abuse you.

    I usually don't mix work and drinking though. For the most part, I like to stay sharp and focused on the task at hand.

    "Your personal philosophy is the greatest determining factor in how your life works out."
    - Jim Rohn
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    Hey Justin,

    Fitness is my life, so I tend to not drink at all. However, all last week I had this run down, almost overloaded feeling. I knew I had a concert that friday, but really did not feel like drinking.

    But of course, my two best friends were SMASHED by the time I showed up, so naturally I started to get on their level.

    Long story short, that was the first time in 3 months that I was under the influence. Ended up being an insane night and Im stilling laughing at things that happened. That bogged down feeling has been lifted, and I went straight to work on one of my newest projects 2 days after. Killing it I might add

    For me, I personally think fun, weather alcohol induced or not, is a very needed human function. My spirits are lifted and my mind set is strong again. Having said that, I do not plan on drinking again anytime soon!

    Just remember alcohol degenerates protein synthesis, so the production of new cells are greatly limited for a few days after drinking. Which may relate to the low mood you have been feeling.

    Fun should not be neglected. Nor should protein. There are a bunch of vital amino acids in protein ( meat and diary ) that are directly related to mood. Try upping your protein intake over the next couple of days and see how you feel.

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    Nah. Does not seem to be any positive benefit at all besides relaxing at the end of the day.

    I know most of us full time can never figure out how to turn it off at the end of the day. Laying in bed still mentally working. A good glass of wine tends to be great for that
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    Here is a word for you, just sharing a thought.

    "You the right to do anything you want... BUT not everything can be of benefits to you."

    Stay out of the alcohol before you get along with it.

    Nothing good comes out of it.
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    If you want to drink then drink responsibly.

    We all have different body system and the reactions will differ for everyone.

    I have an uncle that can't take more than one bottle of beer without getting drunk and I also have another uncle that can take 10 bottles of beer and still be galant, body system I guess and both have been drinking since birth.

    I don't drink but have tasted it out of curiosity.

    Justin, the reaction was mean on you because you have a weak system or just getting started.

    Some can drink and drive but some can not, I think it's same for drinking and working/IM.
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    Lol I don't drink.
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    That's interesting! I know that whenever I decide to go out that I will drink quite a bit. That much that I have a guaranteed hangover the following day. It does get me out of this work flow I might be in because if I have a hangover I most of the times do no work at all altho I do try. Then the day after the hangover I struggle to get back to work.

    I know that I don't want to miss out on those fun nights. I will just have to force myself to get back to work even if I don't feel that well!

    It's funny though, because whenever I drink I feel SO motivated to move forward with my business!

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    I love to drink. I love that really sick feeling that you get after 10 or 12 drinks.
    Then there comes the hovering over the toilet bowl - WOW, what a rush that is.

    I also love being made fun of while I can barely stand up. Tripping over things,
    bumping into people, isn't that what life is all about? Yes, all of the attention that
    I get when I am plastered is amazing. Hearing "Are you okay?", "What the?"
    "Who the h*ll is that guy?", and my favorite "Don't you think that you've had enough?"
    NO, I haven't thank you.

    Well, itsh time to go bachh to wurrkk. But, jush one merr liddle drinkkie firsht.
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    Every body is different.

    If you can work hard during the day and want to indulge in a beer. Go for it.

    If it impedes your ability to work effectively the next day. Don't do it.

    Pretty simple.


    I rarely drink.

    But just last night, I went out to the pub and listened to some awesome live music, while enjoying some Stone IPA.

    I woke up this morning amped up and ready to go. Did my morning work out. Some yoga. Got clear on my intentions. And have been plowing through my list.

    It's only noon. And I've accomplished a lot.


    If that beer last night inhibited my ability to work, you're damn right I wouldn't do it again. That's the very definition of insanity.

    The point is...

    Know your body.

    Honor your limits.

    And don't take everything so seriously.

    Relax. Dammit.

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  • Some people mixed alcohol while working especially in doing writing stuff because some say it really helps them in getting more ideas and more words if they drunk.
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    I make it a personal rule not to go online after 2 drinks.
    I once was on Facebook late one night before I went to bed and I saw a buddies status that said "I am so drunk and horny right now".
    A couple days later his status said "Keith is no longer in a relationship".
    Internet and alcohol just don't mix.
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    There is nothing wrong with it if you are marketing alcoholic drinks. Otherwise I suggest moderation. I have had my share of drinking too much and, believe me, it is never nice. A decent person will always regret the day after. Then it is too late.

    Joseph M. Dabon
    Blogger and freelance writer. I belong to Ezine's Expert Author, Diamond, level. Visit me at

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    Alcohol is a depressant that affects nearly every part of your body. In small doses, some of the short-term effects of alcohol are reduced tension and relaxation, but these are also accompanied by reduced inhibition coordination and reaction time, all of which put you at risk.

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    Habitual overindulgence in alcohol (along with weed, white powder, pills, excessive sex, spending beyond your means and other bad habits) is a symptom. A symptom of a lack of self respect, self esteem, self love. They're all the same, really. The booze or whatever is a poor substitute for what we really need, which is love.

    I remember hearing this years ago and being offended. I thought a deficiency in self love was a shortcoming and WOULD NOT accept it. But in time I realized it was true. And it's true for almost everyone to some degree.

    Just about every dysfunctional thing we do is done to fill the void. I believe we come to this life to figure out what we need (what we need inside) and then go about getting it.

    I was taught from birth that we (my family) weren't supposed to have nice things. That's what both my parents heard growing up during the depression. My mom used to say (paraphrasing), don't expect much and you won't be disappointed. Consequently, years ago, when starting out I would be able to earn decent money but couldn't seem to hold on to it. Why? Because I'd been "programmed" that way. And since I believed inside that I wasn't meant to have nice things, I'd manage to lose them somehow.

    I had to uncover this and "unlearn" it. I don't blame my parents for messing me up because they felt in their hearts they were doing the right thing. In their minds they were preparing me for or protecting me from disappointment.

    Whatever it is we learn as babies and kids is what we become. People lucky enough to have loving (and enlightened) parents in their early environment have a far easier time loving themselves and don't often overindulge in anything. It's called balance.

    We get into the soup when we don't recognize the cause of our lack of self love and try and fill that void with alcohol or some other inadequate substitute. There's a saying. I first heard it from Jack Canfield though I don't think it originated with him. He said, "You can never get enough of something you don't really need." I agree. John Lennon covered the rest with, "All You Need Is Love." It's about learning to love yourself. Peace.
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    Im an occasional drinker. and in my profession, other than playing golf, mixing alcohol with marketing works. im in sales and marketing and believe me i get to close most of my deals during the " Drinking session" i also get to meet new clients. You must be responsible drinker and make sure you will not get drunk because that might result to a turn off to your client. these people who are stressed with work needs a time out, so ask your client for a few drinks whether its alcohol coffee or something to show him that you are a great person even outside your work.

    there are people who really doesnt drink alcohol at all for some reasons. im sure they can a have coffee, sodas etc etc and have the job done.

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      I'm sad to say that I was a professional drinker for about 10 years. I was in a fraternity, and it just seemed to be normal to be drunk 7 days a week. I went to the doctor one time because I was in pain. The doctor said that my liver was trying to filter the alcohol out of my system even if I haven't been drinking. This didn't stop me. Someone ended up in the hospital from alcohol poisoning for trying to outdrink me, and he almost died. He later dropped out of college because of the embarrassment. I had woken up in the morning at a friend's house asking who drove us home, only to find out that I did. I got a DWI, and this didn't stop me. Then once the economy turned for the worst, for a while I was drinking my depression away.

      Finally I realized how much of an impact that drinking had had on my life. Not only on my life, but I was putting other people's lives at risk. Then I realized that all of my drinking buddies were all the guys that were the least successful that I know--including me. I finally gave up drinking. I started going to church. I stopped hanging out with friends that were holding me back and I started hanging out with people that encourage me to do more with my life. I am MUCH MORE successful today. I wish I could have gone back and stopped drinking years ago. I wish I could go back and apologize to all the people that I had harmed because of my drinking.

      If you want to be successful in anything, marketing or business, then stay away from drinking or any other addictive substance that will take you off your game. Be the successful guy that all your drinking buddies will look up to.

      I wish you much success! I hope you have a blessed 2014!
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        Drinking is like anything else; Too much of one thing is bad for you.

        It's a sad fact that some people can't control themselves when they've had a drink and don't know when to stop. It may be genetic or it may be a personality problem but either way, if you can't stop yourself then don't do it.

        First we believe.....then we consider.

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    A jug of beer at the pubs here costs around $50 USD. I will go bankrupt before you I get high... so no... I do not drink that much.
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    You always want to be focused. Always try and be 100% sober when working so you don't build a tolerance and depend on anything other then yourself or mind or else you will fail whenever you don't have your bottle of alcohol.
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