What Is Your IDEAL Day..

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Hey Warriors,

I was contemplating on how my successful internet marketing career allows me to have flexibility in my schedule, mobility in my lifestyle, and money to spend. I couldn't help but think of an ideal day for myself once I become even more successful and am making the big money.

Here's my IDEAL DAY, I am eager to see yours.

Wake up in a condominium along the shores of Miami.

Have breakfast on my balcony looking over a beach.

Spend some time working on my internet marketing campaigns/offer promotions.

Go to the gym to play some racquetball.

Work on my social entrepreneurship project.

Have lunch at a nice outdoor cafe.

Spend some time working on my internet marketing campaigns/offer promotions.

Play billiards and/or poker.

Take my girlfriend out to dance, have dinner, and go on a boat ride at night.

Read while taking a bath and sipping on tea.

End the night with an action/comedy movie in my home theater.

What is your IDEAL day?
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      You planned all your day Simple and nice. Most of us here wish to spend the day according to your day plan OmerKhan. We wish to do minimum yet supportive enough to maintain a levish life style.
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    wake up in the morning and see my wife is still there lol
    look over our vision board and watch 5 minute visualisation to brighten the day. if am not on the road then it follows like:

    take a shower.
    play with my son
    have breakfast with family
    review my blackberry , check my schedule , organise the day the best i can and the way i want.
    if am not that busy am out talking to people, getting new clients, meeting with friends.

    more importantly the day is how I make it, I dont go because I have to go, I go because I want to.

    do what you want and when you want.
    ”Àll You can Do, Is All You Can Do, But All You can do is enough”
    Coach Art Williams
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    My ideal day would be a day when I wake up and feel like smiling, jump out of bed and feel as light as a feather, full of energy and excitement for the day to come.
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    My ideal day would be to wake up at 4:30 skip breakfast, slam down a quick lunch, work for 16 hours, stay in a cluttered, poorly lit office, avoid people, give up hobbies that I love, spend less time with family and friends, quit playing video games, grow my hair out long, quit shaving, become more out of shape, wish I was at the gym, take a 2 minute shower, tell my wife I love her, (cant forget that) go to bed late and start it all over again.

    I know, I know.... that sounds negative, but I figured I might as well try to look at my usual marketing routine optimistically. =)

    Actually, I would really enjoy to wake up early, go for a jog. Eat breakfast, and read a good book. Then it would be nice to be back in NY by lake ontario (where I grew up), fishing, wake boarding or skiing, sitting out in the sun, and soaking up every minute. Without having to worry about autoresponders, SEO, customer support issues, employees, etc... Then go out for a nice dinner, take a walk afterwards and catch a beautiful sunset.
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      Wake up whenever I want.
      Work on my internet businesses.
      Work on my music.
      Continue on my internet businesses.
      Watch a few movies.

      I live it everyday. God I love my life!
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    My ideal day is a calm and worry-free day spent with family and friends.
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    An ideal day is something like a tea. Somobody likes it witn sugar, others - with milk and the rest prefer cofee. My ideal day is a day when there is no free minute and I always have what to do. It makes me sad sitting and do not feel that you are needed. May be it's little bit odd, but that's true.
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    Hi all,

    My ideal day is rolling out of bed checking my email for any sales made whilst asleep.

    Making my kids breakfast, hearing them laugh and be happy

    Followed by playing with them most if not all day

    and when we are shopping and they say daddy can we have ....?

    I can always whip out my wallet without a 2nd thought


    Stuff n Junk

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    my ideal day is to start the day with joy and in better mood as well as to end the day right with the feeling of contentment.
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    I took a part in time management training and there was question:
    If you will know that today is the last your day how you will spend it?
    After this question i have remembered one situation from past

    Unforgettable place and relaxed atmosphere

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    Magic Article Rewriter and Easy Backlinks. The best time saver tool in niche.

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    A round of golf with my dad.
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    Ideal day...I think it's when I wake up in the morning and I don't feel tired.
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    Wake up at 9am in the morning.. Enjoy the sun outside my house, take a bath then eat.. On afternoons, I want to do the things that I want.. Anything until the sun sets.. Then nights are spend on SEO and IM.. Like to sleep at 1am early morning..
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