Do you really have an innate power? Like... for real?

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I'm not talking about telekinesis and abilities like faith healing and the manipulation of energy, although they might be by-products.

I just want to say that the one power that all of us have is just one single thing. This one single thing can be so powerful, and nearly magical... to the point of changing your life right now. It can turn your financial reality upside down... It can save your marriage... It can even turn cancer on its tide.

Like what I always say, trying will not hurt - all I ask for is your logical and scientific testing. Hypotheses can only go so far. As of now, I've gotten a few success stories that have told me how much their lives have changed with the application of this 'power'.

This isn't a party trick, nor is it something novel. It, however, does have a corny name - 'power'. Let me assure you that it isn't some superhuman power, as I will reveal in good time. It's been proven and displayed countless times. In fact, it might make complete sense to you.

Before I let you in on this nearly common-sense power we all have, I'd like you to imagine this scenario, so you can conceptualize it.

We all have 5 senses, as proven by science. We see, hear, touch, taste and touch. Science has also proven that all of the senses are just a certain specialized form of the sense "touch". For example, we are able to convert certain senses into other senses, as shown in various studies.

What I want to point out here is that the only real sense we have out there is that of sensing vibration. Vibration of energy, vibration of chemical reactions or even just simple vibration of macroscopic matter. Heat, light, sound, taste, etc are all components of shifting contrasts - simply put, vibrations.

Now, what happens when you remove that one vibration sense (aka all senses that we have)?

We're left with the ability to think.

Where do we get the thoughts to think? We get them from experiences we retrieve in the past from our vibration senses. For example, a blind man cannot picture light. A born-blind man cannot think in visuals. A born-deaf man cannot think in sound.

But no. It wouldn't make sense if our ability is to think. Afterall, thinking is like the collection of all of these various experiences you retrieved through your senses, and weaving them into some kind of "story".

That very weaving and manipulation of experiences... is your ability. It's name?


When you're left with just the mind... all you can really do is to concentrate. There is a spectrum of levels of concentration, and we may classify it in the following:

1) Awareness - Being simply aware that a thought is there
2) Focus - Being focused onto the thought
3) Concentration - Being focused onto the thought with the exclusion of other thoughts
4) Meta-awareness - Being self-aware that you are aware of the thought
5) Meta-focus - Being focused onto the thought that you are "aware of the thought"
6) Meta-concentration - Being focused onto the thought that you are "aware of the thought" with the exclusion of other meta-thoughts

Now think about it.

That very statement itself implies that your consciousness right now... is shifting its awareness to think about this whole issue. You're constantly shifting awareness to what matters. You're shifting in and out of focus.

But you hardly, if ever, concentrate.

If you take a look around in a cinema at other people, you might see them completely transfixed onto the movie. Not moving... maybe not even breathing as heavily as they should.

That's because all of their thoughts are concentrated onto that movie. The light and sound which activates their inner "stereotypes" (psychologically called "schemas") and which contributes to their cognitive rendition of the movie.

In that very brief moment, however... That movie becomes a "reality" to them.

Reality is simply this: Whatever your senses can feel.

Imagine yourself to be a mind... enclosed within a membrane. Your membrane has the tools to sense the vibrations outside of you, such as your eyes, your tongue, your skin, your ears and nose.

Your physical body is like a "bubble". A bubble of water and many other components that constitute life. If you dive deeper down the spectrum, you would notice that each cell in your body has its own "consciousness". Each cell has its own "awareness".

To live really means to concentrate on your life. The moment you lose concentration, you lose your life. Isn't that what death is... the loss of consciousness in a physical body?

But of course, the consciousness seems to exist outside of the body and the physical brain - It is a pure, unadulterated "cloud", if you will, that permeates everything.

Any form of matter, therefore, impregnated with the gift of "thought" has some kind of "life".

So how would one use this power?

Well, one would have to realize many principles. One would have to realize that everything that is happening right now in his or her current reality contributes to an effect. A chain effect. The law of Cause & Effect.

What anyone can really do right now, is to shift the concentration of your own mind to things that you really want to experience in your life. However, maybe even that very thought is wrong -

Afterall, every single thought was self-produced in response to a vibration in reality. In order to produce a vibration in the reverse manner, you would have to evoke the exact same vibration.

Think about it like a tuning fork. What "seems" to happen in reality is metaphorically like this:

You are the tuning fork. You start to vibrate at a certain frequency, producing a tone... Let's say the C note.

What happens is that the C note is reflected outside of the tuning fork... and then it reflects back onto the tuning fork as well. Both the air and the tuning fork are vibrating at the same rates.

What tends to happen though, is that the tuning fork will lose its energy. As it dims away then, the C note ebbs away. The reality ceases to be that of the C note any longer.

When we try to produce that C note again... What should we do?

We do not try to "shake" the air, like many people normally do. It's like the reflection in the mirror. We do not try to change the reflection of the mirror.

We change ourselves. The tuning fork. Our own bodies.

By hitting our tuning forks at the same rate again, we are then able to produce the same reality - at C note.

And now I want you to notice this.

When a tuning fork vibrates at the C note... does it vibrate at a single frequency? Yes it does.

When a tuning fork vibrates at the C note... does the sound vibrate at a single frequency? Yes it does.

What about our own minds?

When we cloud our minds with so many thoughts... It's like hundreds of tuning forks being struck at the same time. As a result, we get an average of the tuning forks... the law of Synchronization kicks in.

We get an averaged, less-than-ideal reality reflected outside.

What should we do then?

We should learn how to control the mind, just like how you would learn how to control your body by practicing. We need "mind memory", if you will, as compared to "muscle memory".

We need to develop the ability of precise concentration.

This is the very secret every single enlightened and spiritual teacher has been preaching.

Jesus Christ talked about how Ye are ye own temple of God, and "What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them." The power of prayer is evident - and even demonstrated in a scientific study where crime rates plunged when a group of people sat down to meditate on peace.

The Buddha, Siddharta Gautama talked about, "You are what you think." And that by producing thoughts of a nature, you will get them back - due to the law of Karma (Cause & Effect). And that everything in reality is reliant on everything else.

Many other spiritual masters have been talking about the very same thing.

But what are we doing?

We're searching for ourselves in the reflection of the mirror.

Search for yourself within your own self! You cannot search for yourself in a mirror.

Likewise, you cannot manifest by trying to project. You manifest by changing and concentrating.

Hope this post helped.

Best Wishes,
James Fame
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