Do You Make These 14 Fatal Mistakes In The Law Of Attraction?

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Do You Make These Fatal Mistakes
In The Law Of Attraction?

What I'm going to talk about here is going to be controversial. But let me ask you to hold on to that window of hope, and let me show you how this little principle will really change your life forever.

As always, scientific testing is the best method for testing if a law works - just like the Law of Gravity, Law of Motion or the Laws of Thermodynamics. At any one time, gravity, motion or heat were all considered mystical and produced "magically". That's because people did not understand these phenomenons.

So what I ask of you is to take this with an open-minded hypothesis with zero doubt, and test it before assuming anything of it. Brilliant men like Nicola Tesla, Thomas Edison, Bill Gates or Charles Haanel ALL knew of knowledge like these.

It is of no accident that people become successful or recover from fatal diseases like last-stage cancer.

Before we understood what electricity comprised of, Thomas Edison built the first electric bulb, and as a result, our cities have been lit up... almost like magic.

We can understand how to use these various forms of "magic" even if we do not yet know what it is. I do not wish to use the word "magic", because it sends chills up a lot of scientific people like you and me. Instead, we shall call it an Unidentified Phenomenon (or UP in short).

The Law of Attraction is a UP. It is a lot like electricity, in that we simply do not know what it constitutes or how it works... but it has been shown again and again, passed down by esoteric knowledge, that this UP exists and can be placed into work.

The problem with this UP is that there are a lot of mythologies about it. We all know that lightning are dragons in the sky. We all know that the Earth is not flat, and not round either, but elliptical.

I'm going to try to expose some of the myths and mistakes people do in this UP, here goes...

Mistake #1: People always try to visualize without understanding first how to do proper concentration.

Concentration is the ability for a person to exclude all other thoughts so that the only thought left in his mind is that one single, desired thought. I've written a thread about concentration earlier here: How To Concentrate Thread

Mistake #2: People try to visualize without going into any form of relaxation training.

You should relax, close your eyes and sit in a comfortable position. This is for the purpose of removing external stimuli so that you can concentrate on your inner mind.

The next step of relaxation is to become self-aware and watch your thoughts until all of them pass by like clouds and fade away... so that you have a completely empty head. Mental calm.

The purpose of meditation is to train yourself to be able to hold just one thoughtform in your head.

If you give a tourist 100 different directions, he is not going to be able to go anywhere. Similarly, if there are 100 thoughts in your head, you are not going to be able to produce any kind of beneficial thoughtform.

Mistake #3: People like to stay in the past.

When visualising, do not visualize "becoming". Visualize "BEING."

Do not visualize "how". Visualize "WHAT".

Do not attach assumptions that apply to you. Treat the visualization with a completely neutral emotion.

For example, don't think of something like... "People want to buy my products, and I'm going to be rich." Instead, think of, "I am rich."

Mistake #4: It is NOT faking until you make it.

That very thought is going to destroy any success you have with the LOA. You do not "fake" to be. You just be. There is an essential difference, and that very difference is doubt.

Doubt is the cancer of the LOA. But we can easily fix that by scientific understanding and learning more about this particular UP.

Mistake #5: Do not visualize it "roughly".

You cannot submit a draft. It must be filled with details.

BUT... take note of this: Do not attach any kind of assumption to each thing. Do not attach a "why" to anything you detail. Do not attach a "how" to anything you detail. It should just be a pure "what" with no emotions attached.

Think of it as a photographic negative. Slowly fill it with colour... and then let the thought GROW in specificity. At the same time, ensure that you are not attaching any "whys" or "hows".

Mistake #6: Multiple thoughts and desires at the same time

Sorry, but the LOA does not function like a buffet. It's a one-dish meal.

That's because if you focus on two, most people do not have the mental capability or training (like that of a Yogi) to sustain concentration on two thoughtforms at the same time. It is simply too much to handle.

Do not be greedy. Think of just ONE. JUST ONE.

Mistake #7: Not surrendering or forgetting after the visualization.

This is a fatal mistake.

After you visualise, you just let it be. It's like planting a seed in the ground and not caring about it, because you KNOW it will sprout after adding moisture. It's a given.

The moment you start thinking about how it will go, it means that you have a doubt in your subconscious disrupting that thoughtform. You need to surrender. In Christian jargon, it could be called... "Let God" or "have faith".

The rationale behind this is that if you keep thinking about it later... You're activating the thoughtform in a cluttered mind state (out of a concentrated state). You're going to start attaching tons of subconscious doubts into the thoughtform, rendering it completely useless.

Mistake #8: Not repeating the process.

This is not compulsory, but certainly beneficial.

However, this is ONLY IF you are able to induce the same concentrated state as the first time. If not, this is only going to demolish your thoughtform.

General case is this: You only concentrate and "activate" that thoughtform when you are in a concentrated state. No where else.

Mistake #9: Not living your life in the correct state.

When you drop a drop of white paint into a bucket of black paint... you're going to see that drop slowly fade off into the dark paint and disappear.

It's the same with your own life. If you drop that one positive thought into an ocean of negativity, you're not going to get results.

Look at what you're doing right now.

Are you harboring unhappy and unsatisfied thoughts?
Are you claimed by a form of lust, desire or greed?
Are you being grateful for whatever you already have?
Are you constantly "wanting"?

Now think about it this way... Isn't this a state that is "wanting", instead of "Being"?

If you keep up with such a state, you're going to simply bury your own thoughtform in your ocean of negativity.

To change, you must change your own personality first. Change your habits.

When you get into any negative events, do not blame. Firstly, introspect yourself and realize that every event has a cause, whether it might be from you or not. And that cause has yet another cause. The source of anything is thought.

To change, you must continuously guard your mind like a fortress. Focus on what you want, not what you do not want in your life.

If you get into a shitty day, do not cuss or throw anger at people around you. What happens is a multiplication, compounding effect. The thought amplifies and destroys you.

Realize that EVERYTHING has been caused by something. It is perfectly natural. It is not out to get you. It is because you have been receptive to it in the past.

Even if the event seems completely unrelated to you, the fact is that the influence has come astrally - it is somewhat a product of your prior thoughts. You attracted the disaster.

Instead of beating yourself up for it, you need to fill your life with light. Instead of focusing on the pain, look for the silver linings and focus on them. Focus on the opposites of the pain and suffering.

When you constantly guard your mental fortress in this manner, your mannerisms and habits will grow into an ocean of positivity. In that case, any thoughtform you produce will be amplified many times over.

Mistake #10: Not developing a scientific understanding of the LOA.

This may be a problem that many thinkers have. The problem is that they have been affixed to scientific doubt. Scientific thinking is NOT a bad thing, in fact, it is brilliant.

By eliminating doubt, you can then get to the truth.

Faith, is the elimination of all doubt. In order to really understand this UP, you need to firstly realize that many people have been successful with it. It is a very real force.

It has been studied by many scholars, and it has been written in many, many books. Some sacred, some ancient, and some so popular you probably may have it in your house (like the Bible).

There have been scientific research on the benefits of meditation - and even how collective prayer plunged crime rates in a city for one day. There have been revivals... faith healers... "psychic" abilities... Placebo effects... You cannot deny that the Mind produces a thought force of some sort.

It's been the basis of High Magick - Kabbalism, or even simpler things like superstition or even Wiccan magick. Due to its secrecy, people have attached Hollywood meanings to them and shirked away from them. It cannot be further away from the truth.

It's already been revealed by many enlightened masters of the world - Krisha, Christ, Gautama, and various other leaders who have discovered this very power for themselves.

Mistake #11: OBSESSION.

Too much of a thing is bad.

When you obsess over something, it reflects insecurity and doubt.

A rape victim always wears many clothes, because they have an expectation and fear of being raped again. A murderer always hires many bodyguards, because it reflects his insecurity of living.

You must firstly realize this:

Although anything might appear to have a duality (Light and Dark, Hot and Cold, Good and Bad, Yes and No), opposites are often just the same thing.

Cold is simply a decreased version of Hot. Dark is simply a decreased version of Light. Bad is simply a decreased version of Good.

As such, the more you obsess about something, the more that specific thoughtform appears in your head - causing your whole operation to fail.

Mistake #11: Trying to form an Objective Plan.

The problem with trying to plan for something like this is the same as Mistake #7. You're not forgetting about the thoughtform or thinking about it in a concentrated state!

AND.. you're attaching a "how".

When you use the LOA, you do not attach "how"s because you simply CANNOT determine how something will be manifested in your life. It is beyond your human understanding - and by limiting it with your conscious mind, it will destroy any possibilities of it happening to you.

Simply let it be. Even better, don't even care about the LOA after you're done.

That's because forgetting is the best way to leave the seed alone. And even if you forget that you've planted a seed, the seed grows up to a seedling anyway. And before you know it... it's a fully-bloomed tree.

Mistake #12: Not having your own unique procedure of manifestation.

Why do "good luck charms" work for some people, and not others?

That's because for those people, the good luck charms have been conditioned with favorable circumstances. It places them in a state where they are constantly producing happy and favorable thoughts, instead of negativity.

On top of that, they do not THINK about it... They just hang it somewhere, and leave it right there!

That's the very reason why some superstitions work for some, and not for others. What you need to do is to understand your ownself!

What do you believe in? Do you believe in magick? Then dabble in it and try to come up with a personalized ritual.

Do you believe in God? Then trust in Him and use your prayer as a LOA.

Do you believe in a scientific process? Then trust in it and use it as a vehicle.

My main point is this - there is no specific "method" to call the Force into play. You need to understand it yourself, and then apply it.

Mistake #13: Not practicing it daily.

I do mean putting yourself in a favorable state everyday (not thinking about the thoughtform!!)

Why do you think enlightened masters often preach morals? Is it because it's the right thing to do?

No. That's a superficial reason.

The main reason is because through morals, you eliminate guilt. You eliminate suffering brought onto others.

When you eliminate bad thoughts from your life, your intentions become pure. They start to reflect in your habits and your thoughts become an ocean of positivity. You are then able to "command" your Universe.

Mistake #14: Skimming through this text.

If you've skipped right down here, I really hope that you'll go up and read it carefully and take each sentence into consideration. I agree, this post has been really long... but it is information-dense. It is of the highest calibre that you can find.

It has worked for many people, including myself - I myself have become a doctor, and have successful businesses. What did I do? I applied these processes on myself.


I really hope you take the time to read it all, and then comment if you found it useful, or want to take on a free 30-day trial on it (marketer's jargon).

You just need to take it on 30 days. If it does change your life, then fine, no harm done. It's free advice anyway!

Best wishes to you,

James Fame
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    This is amazing thanks
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    thank you
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    Nice articles.. Thanks..
    This reminds me of how fool i am.
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    WOW! Brilliant material! Thank you so much for posting this!

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      Still a bit unclear. Just trying to clarify what I get from your article:
      1. Prepare ourself and do the visualization
      2. Have faith, let God show us the way (or on your word "hang the good luck charm")
      3. Do it dialy
      Do I get it right?
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        Originally Posted by AliPali View Post

        This is amazing thanks
        Originally Posted by abdovic View Post

        thank you
        Originally Posted by jfalxr View Post

        Nice articles.. Thanks..
        This reminds me of how fool i am.
        Originally Posted by teknetz View Post

        WOW! Brilliant material! Thank you so much for posting this!
        Originally Posted by BluezAce View Post

        Still a bit unclear. Just trying to clarify what I get from your article:
        1. Prepare ourself and do the visualization
        2. Have faith, let God show us the way (or on your word "hang the good luck charm")
        3. Do it dialy
        Do I get it right?
        Thank you for reading.

        But knowledge is only power when you understand it enough to be able to apply it. Otherwise, you become enslaved to Knowledge instead.


        You are on the right track! Read the thread again and do not skip the seemingly minor details. Do not try to simplify the process, because it may trip you into one of the pitfalls you overlook.

        Basically, it would be:

        1. Scientific understanding of how "thought" brings about a change in reality, and perfect belief that you are a microcosmic representative, though not directly, of the Universal Soul.

        2. Meditative practice of concentration UNTIL you are able to hold one single thought in your head for a prolonged period of time.

        3. Meditative practice of contemplation so that you are able to hold that one single thought, and watch it sprout in your visualization for a prolonged period of time.

        4. Visualization of your desire. Think carefully before manifesting it. You need to think about whether you really want it or not. Instead of "money", manifest happiness, love, abundance and health. Do not fixate a "how" or "why" to your visualization.

        5. Completely forget it.

        6. Continue to live your daily life while guarding your mind like a fortress. Ensure that it is filled with positive thoughts, even when the chips are down. Act ernestly. Do no evil. Behave with utmost freedom, prosperity and abundance. Remove all limited and lack thinking.

        7. Listen to the "tiny voice" at the back of your head. Do what seems to be energetically aligned to you. See every single phenomena as connected. Every situation has a cause, and every cause has yet another cause. The world is an intertwining of multiple causes afflicting multiple effects.

        8. Do not expect when to receive it, because you already have. It's a given.

        You can see more details in this thread:

        Best wishes,
        James Fame
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