"Fitness" The First Stone Of The Foundation. Why?

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I take fitness seriously because I know how basic and important it is as one of the building blocks in any successful business foundation. I want to establish right off that I understand the important connection between good physical fitness and balanced productive mental health as well.

My goal is to rise earlier every day till I rise just before sunrise. I eat supper early so my breakfast is like a banquet: all good heavy breakfast ingredients, yum. I take a number of key supplements (black seed oil being one of them) and fit in a brisk quarter mile walk every day before sunset. . It is during this walk I practice my 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 in breath then out breath. Fruit lunch and light dinner. I keep good hygiene and eat at least one apple a day.

The exercise part of my day comes in the form of work I do on my property. The work generally comes in big chunks and that keeps my body fit just keeping up with the maintenance work and gardening.

I often imagine what it would be like not to enjoy the level of health I do now, not in a negative way but in a more contemplative way which then gives rise to gratitude for the healthy life I enjoy managing my household and business. When you give it a little thought it is easy to see why one heavily stacks the deck in one's favor if good fitness is their primary driver. That's a great basis to build success.
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    if you have to go to the gym or intentional work out ..to stay fit you are doing it wrong .

    haveing control over when you work and the environment you work in should allow you the ability to stay active and eat when your body need to eat .but working in front of a computer has it long term negative effects ...that need to be accounted for before problems start showing up.

    from my heavy gaming days i caused as much damage from compression of my spine as repeated lifting injuries while i was working in physically damaging jobs ..and sleeping wrong to make up for the pain..

    now that I am nearly fully pain free and my physical body is improving on a daily basis ..and my mental state i have the energy to focus on goal and put a plan or multiple plans together to get there .

    the better your body works the better you mental emotional state .. the much better your creative and logical mind work and your imagination .
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    I am a full time practicing chiropractor. I teach 4 basic things for good natural health. Get at least 7-8 hours sleep nightly. spend time working on good nutrition for better health. Get exercise for at least 3-4 times per week(try for aerobic types for 30-45 minutes--walking is fine) And if possible keep your spine free from "subluxations--pinched nerves"I have found that if I make it too complicated patients will not do it(keep it simple)Enjoyed your article.
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      Stress is extremely detrimental to any business owner. People with high level of stress tend to make irrational decision quite frequently. A few irrational and less thought of decisions could ruin any business's success.

      Good physical health and a nutritious diet will help reduce your stress levels, will help you perform well and consequently help you make right decisions for your business.
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      I like to exercise after my morning session at of work. It gets the juices flowing, clears my head and sets me up to be more productive in the afternoon.

      I often get good ideas whilst I'm exercising. I find that being fitter makes me think better and makes me a happier person. You have more energy when you exercise.
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      Fitness is a complete "must" in my daily activities. It's a work for both my body and mind.

      I train 4 days a week for 6 years now and I've noticed that in the period after the actual work out, my mind is clearer than ever. I'm able to do more productive tasks with ease and I have laser focus.

      Definitely one of the keys to success!
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  • I consider playing with my daughter and her friends as exercise. I know it's cheating but it get me running at least once a day without having to actually exercise.
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    I'm sure fitness is part of success.

    It requires the same kind on mindset :
    - Consistency
    - Quality over quantity
    - Dedication
    - Always trying to go further
    - Staying focused
    - Setting and reaching goals.
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    hmm, so basically our psyche (soul) consisting of

    volition / will / decision making ability
    intellect / mind
    emotional body

    uses the physical body to experience 3d reality! so the 3d body is like a 'plane' and we're the pilots... like a 'car' and we're the driver!

    do we take care of the car? of course!
    then we must do the same to our TEMPLE / SANCTUARY!!!

    I concur with what has been said earlier in this thread.. I do long distance running (well, more like 10 km daily) in about 1 hour (10 km/ hour) and i feel great afterwards
    combine the endorphine release from working out with a NLP-anchor-made endorphine release of your own and pfft! also associate in the mind working out with 'pleasure' and make a lifelong habit... 1-2 hours / day for the rest of your life

    1-2 hours... could include:

    running - aerobic exercises !!! 30-45 minutes
    working out muscles - also doing abs daily!!!
    stretching !!!
    breathing exercises (1/4/2 like 1 time breathe in, 4 times keep, 2 times exhale)

    + 3-5-6 nutrition meals (200-400 calories each)...
    lots of water....... 2-3+ liters / day
    doing enema with coffee to clean the big intestine!
    eating alkaline smoothies in the morning (with alkaline food, broccoli,spinach, cucumber etc.)
    well, vegan raw 100% could be nice but vegan raw 80% is also well and pfft, for certain blood types vegetarian or meat-consumption works, too!
    ah, let's not forget of vitamins and minerals.. omegas 3-6-9 (brain is made of fatty acids, among other things), daily vitamin C (supplement), multi vitamins & minerals and so on!

    Marathon, here I come!!!
    The motto is freedom, it's purpose holiest.
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