Procrastination Zone, . . . Where All Success Is Held

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    Tomorrow is promised to no one.
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      Procrastination is like masturbation
      In the end you're only yourself

      Or another great definition

      Procrastination is doing today
      what you were supposed to do 10 years ago

      Romanians have a saying "don't let for tomorrow what you can accomplish today"... well, pffft.. I did procrastination many times and still doing...

      Procrastination sends us to a place called 'someday isle'... 'someday i'll...'... but someday isle leads to nowhere

      How to stop procrastination once and for all? discipline this 'habit of thought' into your mind 'i'll procrastinate on this task later, now i MUST DO the task'...

      present,specific, authoritative COMMANDS given verbally, in the moment...

      "I wash my car now" spoken 10-50 times while imagining you washing the car will nudge the SC to go do the action... if you say "I wash my car now" many times and are in a different place doing a different action the SC will be like "grr, master wants us to wash car, let's make it happen"

      so yes, present, specific, authoritative COMMANDS given verbally (or in the mind), in the moment!

      DO IT NOW!
      DO IT NOW!
      DO IT NOW!
      DO IT NOW!
      I CAN DO THIS!

      ^ this works
      The motto is freedom, it's purpose holiest.
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    Procrastination is one of the main problems for me. So difficult.
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    I'm procrastinating now, hanging out here reading posts, when I should be doing something useful.
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    some day i will put a response in one of these procrastination threads .

    "I just wanted a good job ,but i could not find a good job, So i do it myself"-Jack Ma

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    I'm not procrastinating...I'm just trying to get to 50 posts so that I can become an affiliate for one of the products on here that I absolutely love. Not telling though...sorry.
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