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When we make an important decision to do something new we are
motivated and eager to get started.
As time goes by this can sometime become a challenge, we can become distracted and misfocus.
This is a signal that it is time to re-commit.

When I started my Internet journey two month ago everything was new to me.
I was motivate and excited.
I am at the stage now three month into it where I have to
keep my priority in front of me.
Daily I read my Goals to stay focus.

What I have learn so far is to stay positive,believe in my abilities,
Never give up and Take Action.
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    You seem to have the perfect attitude maintaining a positive mindset, having certainty in that you will succeed and always taking action will make you successful and you will achieve your goals.

    Just wanted to say keep up the good work and to your future success!
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      Nice post Bridget. I agree with your steps.

      In the future you may fall into the trap of reading your goals, but not acting on them. I see a lot of people avoiding the work part of Internet marketing as they burn out on it a little bit.

      Be careful of that.

      Good luck.
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        I agree Bridget, I started about a month ago, I loved buying all the new shiney products on how to make money online, every new product I bought gave me motivation and made me feel excited but now instead of being a buyer I'm determined to be a seller and actually make money instead of spending it.

        I have trouble staying focused but these forums really help, the worst thing is making the sacrifices, must fight watching rubbish on the TV and do something towards my goals....
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        Originally Posted by Jeff Schuman View Post

        In the future you may fall into the trap of reading your goals, but not acting on them.
        This is actually why, with all of the lists I make, I never make a list about goals or something that important. I'll read and re-read the list over and over, and it will become ingrained in my brain, so that when I think I'm reading, I'm not, and the words just lose all meaning.

        One method is to remember your goals and focus on all of the things that you will get from them.

        For example, if your goal is to launch a product, think about how happy you'll be to see the sales coming in, or to have a new list. If you want to make money, think of the freedom that it can give you, etc.

        Thinking of your goal while focusing on its benefits can keep you reminded of your goal without burning out on it. ^_^

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