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I want to leave a good energetic impression with this thread. I have re-discovered a wonderful way to make some one elses day just that much better. The object is simple but the intention and pursuant action can make such a difference in another person's life.

I use to do this on a weekly basis back in the day, but have just now started up once again: I generally choose to do or make happen one small, medium or large personally delightful surprise for a loved one in my household. It can be a simple but meaningful action like picking a bouquet of flowers to dinner out where every they would like to go or even perhaps a nice drive in the country or along the beach.

I tell you there is something so special about personalizing a weekly gift for someone you especially care for that serves to strengthen that relationship hugely and at the same time enhances one's own sense of joy and well being. It's a double gift.
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    Enjoyed your thought. I also have a suggestion. This is directed toward spouses. Make sure you have a "date" night or day every week if possible.I have been married for 43 years and I can tell you from experience that this is a great way not to lose the love and closeness in a marriage. Just making time to be together,just as a couple, will pay you back in blessings 100 fold. Have a great day.rhodester.
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    Couldn't agree with you more. I was speaking to my mother the other day, and we were just chatting about random stuff, until I came out with

    "I just want us to be five as one, not one of five."

    She gave me her full attention and as she nodded in agreement, slightly emotional she replied

    "That's always been my dream!"

    Until that very moment I have hardly ever heard here use the 'd' word. Got me choked up, not gunna lie.

    To me, that is enjoying the simple things in life at its finest. Just being a close family.. Doesn't cost anything, yet so many of us seem to not get the opportunity to have that in our lives.

    So, as you say, the importance of having a strong integral relationship with your loved ones should not be neglected or overlooked.

    I'm making an effort to organize a pumpkin carving contest with my close family this weekend. Being divided into teams so the final carvings will be a joint effort. ( Family team building. ) Might sound silly to some, but I think you will appreciate what I'm doing LLS

    Hope your having a great day, don't ever stop what you are doing!

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