Everyday we learn so many things

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No matter how old you grow, no matter how rich you become,
or how knowledgeable you become, learning is never ending.

Everyday i look forward to learn from everyone from everything.

Just like to share you some interesting things i learnt.

I was going on jogging and saw cow was eating something from
the dustbin. After sometime i see it was moving.

Just curios, i saw what exactly it was doing. It just took out some
banana leaves and ate it, leaving the rest of the rubbish in the
dust bin.

This made me think for a while....

Even animals do have brains, but they are not having any kind of
ego. It was hungry and it was determined to find food. It was able
to find food even in the dustbin, where we through rubbish. In other
words, "We can see good things even with the Bad People".

But we as human beings only try to find fault.
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