If You Wake Up Dreading The Day, . . . This Might Turn Your Head!

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Conventional wisdom says that if you sacrifice, sacrifice and sacrifice some more you will become so efficient in everything you do success will soon be yours. It is true that this method of relentless striving and stressing can create a successful individual, but perhaps one not so happy with life. In a very strong sense obtaining success this way usually cuts us off from the many close and essential pleasures of every day life.

Perhaps conventional wisdom "turned on its head" is what really needs to happen if one is to become successful in a more peaceful way; a way that encourages every cell of the body to want the next thing. I believe when a person allows peace and happiness to become the main tenant of their thinking nothing will stand in the way of their pre-assured success.

It follows that a person who is "for himself" and his desire for success will naturally begin to conform to a healthy lifestyle immediately. Exercise, sensible eating, proper rest, positive emphasis in approaching any issue life presents coupled with diligent inquiry concerning one's interests can create a healthy body and mind and develop one's inherent energy into a method of sustainable income. This will reveal itself in time. Patience.

When we discover ourselves in a relaxed state most of the day while providing value to others and receiving ample value in return, it will begin to become apparent success can spring from a measure of personal happiness and joy not the other way around.

On a note about myself: I am just now finishing up an month long $4,000 project that will net me $3,700 easily. I tell you it is possible to create great value for yourselves and others with a sense of pleasure and joy even though there may be an occasional challenge that wants to rain on your parade. (you know it's always that way) But in the overall sense of the experience, I was pleasurably surprised by the degree of satisfaction the various phases of completion gave me along the way. I marvel at just how good it can be when approached with this kind of positive accepting mindset.
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