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I feel like I have been here before, doing the same mistakes, feeling like going thru a trace and drawing the same old lines. I have done these same mistakes before then why am I not learning the lessons.

I lack guidance and not motivation. I need to find from warriors if they have been in similar place in life? If so, what helped? Is there ONE book that you would recommend for this kinda situation?
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    You lack discipline. Successful and unsuccessful people hate doing uncomfortable things. But, the successful people do them anyway because they know it's necessary. Unsuccessful people stick to the same old patterns because it's easy. They want to change, but keep repeating the same things because it's easy to do so.

    You don't need a book. You need resolve. And the only way to do that is to keep pushing yourself into uncomfortable territory. When you're comfortable, you're stagnating.

    Fat people keep eating junk food because it's easy to do so.

    Now, when the fat person takes on an exercise regime, and a new healthy diet. What happens is the first couple of days is easy. They have motivation to follow through. But after a short while, their mind will drum up all kinds of excuses for them to quit, and to go back to their old ways. They listen to their mind because the feeling is so strong...and BOOM!! right back to familiar territory where everything feels nice and comfortable.

    What happened?

    Simple. They couldn't stick through the uncomfortable times when everything seemed out of whack. They gave in to years of ingrained habitual thinking. They didn't do what was necessary to achieve their goal. They quit on the hard and went back to the easy life.

    Fact: We're constantly programming our mind to streamline our daily habits. The more we do something. The more we're programming our mind to automatically do it.

    But in order to create new habits, and break old ones. We must make a commitment to pass through the impassable no matter how uncomfortable we feel at the time. We must have resolve.

    Best way to approach this is to have a BIG enough reason WHY you're doing it in the first place. In the beginning you won't need the WHY as much. But when we hit that wall, that's when you need a big enough reason WHY to keep on going.

    Remember. Your mind wants to streamline your life. It wants to keep you in your comfort zone. It wants you to keep doing the things that are easy. Well, anything becomes easy once done long enough. You want to stop doing the same old things? Then stop doing them.

    Train your mind to streamline more important things in your life to focus on. But unless you keep moving towards what you want "even when it's uncomfortable to do so" you'll struggle to make it a habit, and more importantly, you'll have no resolve.

    Just ignore your doubtful mind when it tries to push you back into familiar territory, and soon enough you'll have trained the beast
    Strong Men and Women put themselves in harms way
    for the freedoms weak people give away for safety
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      Great response...just what i needed...

      my resolve is strong enough in other aspects of question was more related to 'relationships'...would you answer be same?
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    Two books that will make you think and are deep enough are:
    "The Creator and the Cosmos" by Hugh Ross
    "I Don't Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist" by Norman Geisler and Frank Turek
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      I have been waiting to hear from someone situations thrown that feels like deja vu...what did you do?
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