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How do you feel about developing new habits?

No matter what level of achievement you have attained, what new habit would you like to develop next?

For me it is creating a strong level of continuity with my internet marketing efforts. I don't even care if I'm not moving mountains during the week. I just want to know I am providing value and doing so evenly on a daily basis. This habit of consistency and continuity is relatively new to me since I began IM. The creation of this habit is important to me. You?
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    The 7 habits of highly effective people?
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      My new habit is to try and be more customer-centric. For too long it was about SERP's, conversions and traffic for me. I don't think I was really giving the customer what they wanted.

      Now I want to deliver quality content, build more relationships in the IM biz (relationships that benefit both parties equally) and really try and help my visitors/potential customers (and not always so that I benefit financially from the assistance I give).

      I think this will build up trust and people will then come to me for a solution when they need it. Build up relationships that last for years not for one sale.

      I maybe naive but I still think nice people can get ahead.
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    I have a printed quote right in front of my keyboard: "Develop a new habit today!"
    One of the reasons this quote is important is to be aware that we are developing new habits all the time, and they will work for or against us. Consciously work on developing habits that work for you for daily improvement.
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    Yes providing value is a very big thing for me to. The other thing is putting peoples needs first. Its not about getting a sale but really learning about what their need is and providing a solution. This is what I want to develop the most. So I guess the habit of connecting and winning friends and influencing people. This is the highest paying skill anyway.
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    The ability to create new habits is one of the most powerful abilities that you can possible have.

    The most influential people in the world all share this quality for certain:

    the ability to communicate with one's self.

    And that ability is essential for truly changing habits.
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    Ability of communication with others is important.
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    the habit of functioning in an aware state ..and not handing over contro to good or bad habits .

    you are either responsible or habitual .

    truly responsible people chose the reaction pattern to events and can interupt habits if they are not useful at that time .

    the way you habitually drive around boston Massachusetts..is not the same way you can drive around many other places ..but then again you don't want to have to think about every act you take while driving .

    so when you drive in boston ..you plug in boston driving habits ..when you drive in france you drive with habits of those who drive in france .

    when you eat in a rib bbq place you eat with different habits than in a nice trendy bistro .

    string together the most effective habits for certain situations
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    For me it is having a plan (a weekly one works for me) and sticking to it!
    Even if I miss on some of the tasks on a particular day I always make sure to do it the following day and maximum until the end of the week!
    Working at home without it would be hard to manage for me...
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    Developing new habits isn't as important as getting rid of bad ones.

    Joseph M. Dabon
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    I think focus and organization is what I would like to concentrate on. With focus, there are some days where I am in the zone. However, there are some days when I know I could have gotten more done. I suppose this all falls under discipline.

    With this in mind, I did create a list with every task I want to complete as well as goals. This is not just for business, but virtually everything. When I am bored, I find myself looking at the list and working on some of these tasks. It has actually helped me a lot. Instead of being bored, I am getting things done. I included everything from bringing the dog to the park more often to studying Italian, etc.
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      I guess I would like to be a little more hands off in my business. I need more of an attitude of delegating through outsourcing and a little less of if it is to be it is up to me.
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        Have you read the 4-Hour-Workweek? If not, let me recommend it.

        Joe Mobley

        Originally Posted by Jeff Schuman View Post

        I guess I would like to be a little more hands off in my business. I need more of an attitude of delegating through outsourcing and a little less of if it is to be it is up to me.


        Follow Me on Twitter: @daVinciJoe
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    It may be one of best habits that I am working on is to
    -Connect with Nature,
    -Stay in touch with friends
    - Visualize the Day
    -Ahead Review or (even better) Rewrite Goals
    As Robin Sharma (Author of Monk who Sold His Ferrari) says:
    “With better awareness you can make better choices and when you make better choices, you will see better results
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  • Be more communicative about my needs and desires and drop my passive aggressive baggage
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    my new habit is to keep on learning and applying new stuff from the people's products, browsing in WSO, keep myself being open mind... that's cool I think
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