diamonds take time---What are you?

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Hello warrior members. What Do You Think About My Thread?
I was reading a tread not long ago that talked about how many people are insecure and afraid.
It got me to thinking. I majored in psychology in college because I love to observe people and their behavior. I came up with this idea.
"It takes time to make a diamond(in gems and in people")
I remember well, how difficult it was to deal with college(information over whelm and so much stress and responsabilities). I can understand how many people can just get scared and afraid in certain situations.
Now fast forward 40 years,and let me discuss where I presently stand. Far from perfect,but confident and very sure who I am and what I want to become(I am still growing every day)
So this is what I say.
"It takes time to make a diamond(in gems and in people)"
We must never give up the idea that we are all special people, the problem is that some of us do not understand how diamonds are made.
If we get up every day and are honorable and active in our actions, we have an excellent opportunity to become a leader and special person in our families and communities.
Let me ask you "Are you a diamond?" if not yet then keep moving forward and you will become one. Remember it takes "time to become a diamond"
Please give yourself a chance to be a "diamond" and "never give up"
Have a great day. Rhodester
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    even diamonds once found need to be cut and shaped to achieve their most near perfect state ..but it is the flaws in real diamonds that make them valuable (and that russian and africa keep vaults and vaults full of diamonds control supply )

    for me because i have been studying how to grow the best food really have to start with a big huge pile of crap ..and to get a bountiful healthy harvest need a lot of crap .

    but we are silly humans with no respect for the true potential of crap.. and think it should be thrown away covered up ..burn..or hidden.. or shoveled onto someone else to deal with .

    in life some of the biggest piles of crap that fall on our heads ..are also some of our biggest opportunities .

    it is up to us to figure out how to turn the crap that happen into rich organic soil to fuel our growth ..

    now back to the diamonds has taken millions of years for nature to produce you ..and the event in life are really meant to cut and shape you into a being of value .. what happens to you does not happen to you because you are weak.. it happens because you are strong enough not to get shattered to bits..and the stronger you are the tougher the work to shape you .

    "I just wanted a good job ,but i could not find a good job, So i do it myself"-Jack Ma

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