How Do You Take Your Mind Off IM?

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Anybody who has been doing internet marketing for a while knows how time consuming it can get... and the tendency to obsess over it. Constantly being bombarded by emails, constantly discovering that there is something else you need to learn to make what you're doing work... and so on and on and on.

I was starting to get IMsomnia... couldn't stop thinking about what I needed to do online, etc. I would think while eating, while watching Hawaii 5-0 and while my girlfriend was droning on about what color to paint her nails, etc.

I tried exercising... but i thought about it while running. I tried the gym but found myself thinking between sets. Finally I realized that I needed to engage my mind and body at the same time.

So, I joined Kali Majapahit - A form of martial arts involving sticks, knives and empty hands.
It was the best decision I ever made. You can't think about the latest Wordpress plugin or SEO software if someone is attacking you with a stick. For an hour or two daily, my mind gets a break... and it's the best thing ever.

Music is the space between the notes.

So, what do you do for a mental break?

P.S - To the obsessed IMer, that's just a video. Kali Majapahit has no affiliate program
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    I like to go for a walk to clear my head, but that doesn't always work because that's usually when I come up with even MORE ideas, then I have to hurry home to write them down so I don't forget them. ;-)
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    I think the best thing in ones life to help reduce thoughts on IM is to have a well rounded life. If you really are spending quality time in other areas of your life then you will give the other areas the same focus and commitment that you are giving IM. For example, if you are out on a date with your girl friend and all you can do is talk about what you are going to do when you get home, that won't "float" with your your girl friend. Just try to be totally focused on what you are doing at the moment, and you might be surprised at how you look at your IM in the future.
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    I've found that I need to unplug as hard as I plug-in.

    A lot of people take a break from running their online business - hoping to be hit with inspiration. Wrong move.

    When you unplug... you have to TOTALLY disconnect yourself from your business. You shouldn't be able to even remotely "hear" the thought dialogue taking place in the deepest parts of your unconscious.

    You've got to trust that the next BIG ideas that are going to propel your business into the stratosphere are always available to you. It's just a matter of fully aligning yourself with them. And that means, REALLY unplugging.



    That's a totally individual process.


    I love boxing. Sparing always gets me focused on the guy in front of me - trying to take my head off;-)

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    Yoga, Qigong, Tai Chi ..long walks with my girl..good food...ect ect

    oh and video games
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    From your context Arun, you are a lone walker that's why your business torments you and you haven't automated lots of processes or have a daily/weekly call memo and reports.

    Treat it like the brick and mortar business when it comes to management and you will be FREE.
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    Originally Posted by Arun Chandran View Post

    You can't think about the latest Wordpress plugin or SEO software if someone is attacking you with a stick.
    Well you can... but you'll pay for it
    "The first step to getting ahead is getting started" - Mark Twain
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    LOL, I totally get where you are coming from OP, I think about IM all the friggin time! Even at the gym between sets, just like you haha, I think the only time Im not really thinking about it, is when I go to sleep, it can become really annoying
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    I'm always thinking about "the next thing" especially when I started it was all I did, crazy hours staring at the screen, but I made profits, and now its snowballing, it was kind of a hobby, something I enjoyed learning and practicing, and then it started working...
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  • I enjoy IM too but at the end of the day there's nothing I look forward to more than spending time with my husband and daughter. Doing IM is what allows me to spend more time with them. Keeping my family in mind is what allows me to take my mind away from IM.

    I could be working in an office somewhere and be dragged in the corporate rat race. I'm forever thankful that I have these opportunities that allows me to enjoy my family and still be fulfilled as a person.
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    Get outside, going for a long walk in the fresh air usually clears my head.

    Rather than staying in talking with your partner, make more effort to go out. It puts you in a more social frame of mind which means you will be less worried about IM.

    Need a break from IM? -

    Please PM me if you want to JV with a committed and passionate writer.

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    In some ways it is good that you think about IM all the time. It shows you have a job that you love. However it is good to take a break sometimes. I go to the gym. I think this helps me because I have targets and aims there. I always try to beat what I did last time, so it takes my mind off business goals for a while.
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    just go for a full time job and a part time IM
    and ...the answer for you to be successful is
    affiliate program done right will make you more
    dollars ..
    be the best
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    Thanks warriors... for the tips and sharing your own experiences.
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    I disconnect through music production and playing guitar

    However, I also prefer to build a business that is based on residual income that can be maintained in an hour or less a day.

    Traditional affiliate marketing can def stress you out....really just depends on how you structure your business.
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    Martial arts are great. I enjoy practicing Aikido and Taichi. There are so many ways to successfully take a break from things that need taking a break from.
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