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by msdobe
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I've just started going to a site that lists free kindle books where the author has temporarily reduced the price. I just got one yesterday... 'The Mind-Made Prison' has rave reviews. I'm just on chapter 1 and it seems to be a cross between The Secret and Tony Robbins, but still have a long way before finishing.

I just checked and it's still free, so thought people may be interested in it.

There's also another one today on goal setting -
How To Set Goals: Your Goal Setting Bible For Maximum Personal Achievement (it also has 5 star reviews!)

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    Hi Jenny,

    Great tips. There is so much knowledge to be had in books that people often overlook. There have been times when I have been in a rut and books such as 'Think and Grow Rich' have helped me to grow stronger.

    Mindset should be a huge focus to anyone who is being held back by themselves. Most of us have been in this situation before and I recommend reading to change the neural pathways.


    Wealthcopywriter.com :)

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    I just checked and it is no longer free. I am intrigued now!
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      After reading Tony Robbins "Awaken The Giant" -- I believed that changing your mindset requires:

      1. Deciding you want to change it.

      2. Taking action to change it.

      With that as inspiration, I made a service called thinger*do

      The idea is simple, if you want different results in life, you have to start making new habits, or breaking old ones you know are holding you back.

      As Tony Robbins suggests, the best way to make change is to get someone else to hold you accountable.

      So accountability is incorporated into thinger*do as well - you go to the site, put in what habit you want to start / stop -- and then you pick someone you know to get automatic updates.

      I've broken a bad stress habit of fidgeting with my eyebrows, and then started a positive habit of going out each day for a surf. Simply going out every day and doing something I love, for myself has lifted my mood in such an amazing way.

      I plan to start doing all of Jack Canfield's Success Principles this way as well.

      thinger*do is completely free. I built it because I wanted to help people grow and change.

      I hope you will give it a shot, and more than that, give me feedback on what would make it even better:

      thinger*do - Start Something Awesome
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    There are lots of great free Kindle books and places online to find them! I frequent a Facebook group that lists them.
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      I like Tony Robbins and Bob Proctor. They have a ton of stuff on youtube. Tony's friend Frank Kern is a big time web marketer with excellent stuff also, you guessed it, on youtube.
      attracted to shiny objects
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  • Jenny, Thank you for the tip. I love the way members can network like this. Good going.

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