are you a pessimist or are you a solutionist?

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Most successful people I come across I believe have 1 outstanding trait that seperate them as the cream of the crop, These people see themselves as solutionist

These are the people that say to themselves "for every problem there is a solution" and they keep their foot on the accelerator till they reach the destination where they want to be. Leading to more fulfillment and satisfaction.

A pessimist is someone who say's "oh this could be a problem let's avoid this" and end up more annoyed and unhappy rather than having the will to move forward and having the belief in themselves to move forward.

What would you say you're more of?
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    I'd like to think I'm a solutionist but do have doubts sometimes.

    I agree that successful people are always up for the challenge and will overcome obstacles. Everything is possible and anyone can be a solutionist; it is mindset and can be habit forming if you a willing to change.
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    I would like to think I am a "solution based" person. Focusing on the problem rather than the solution is not going to get the job done very well, and will probably cause more stress and frustration than focusing on the solution. We all have problems in our lives,so let's solve the problem,learn from it, and move on and accomplish great things. We all have the potential for "great things" the problem is that some of us can not see how really great our potential is and get lost in the "shuffle". Have a great day.
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    Definitely a solutionist. I am never a pessimist and all the problems I have to face with on a daily basis I try to solve them. You should never give up and fight for you and for what you believe in. Be a solutionist!
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    it depends i guess if i'm really motivated to do something i'll keep trying to find solutions
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    I'm solutionist, not sure if it's possible to accomplish things otherwise.

    New challenges and problems has to be solved on a daily basis and without solving them it's of course impossible to move forward.
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    wow, some very good views here, and I have to say I agree with Rhodester and Nicelife 100% if there is an issue there we simply cannot move forward until we clear the issue.

    we have to shatter any barrier that's standing between us and success, you have to have the right mindset and the right drive to have that momentum to break down anything standing in your way.

    sort of like a bulldozer if you got a brick wall, bulldoze that wall down!!
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    I'm a solutionist
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    solution will be present at the time of pessimism that comes. I am a solutionist

    Wory Kharisma
    C.E.O Truso Design

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    Definitely a solutionist I do not like to give up on something until I have explored all possible methods of getting it right or finding a way.

    I also think that if you give any type of doubt head space it can cause all sorts of mental blocks and self fulfilling prophecies, positivity and a can do attitude is the order of the day.
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      I am definitely more of a solutionist.

      In my line of work, I can't afford to say that this will be a problem, let's avoid it.

      That doesn't mean that you can't have a little negativity to balance everything else out.

      You can say that this will be a problem, but you can also start looking for a solution immediately.
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    I concentrate on being like water.

    If someone puts a rock to block my path, I envision how flood water would deal with it.
    When someone attacks me, I envision someone attacking a pond.

    I let go of the little things quickly to continue towards my main goal.
    I revise my paradigm immediately when faced with challenges.

    I like to envision people with problems as people getting tired of swimming. And when I coach them, I'm basically telling them that water doesn't need to swim.
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