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By chance I came across this great book called UNthink by Erik Wahl. It's all about getting back to your natural creative instincts. Seemed like a good read that everyone here could enjoy. UNthink |*The Art of Vision
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    Hello. I am a chiropractor so I understand how important it is to get back to basics and especially "natural" basics. I teach basic concepts.
    1) Good nutrition(as best you can).
    2)Get at least 7-8 hours sleep per night,if possible.
    3)exercise 3-4 days per week at least 30-45 minutes each(aerobic is better than lifting weights) if your time is limited.
    4)If possible,keep your spine aliened so you can reduce pinched nerves and increase communication between your body and brain and allow better functioning.
    It sounds simple but as we all know it is not with our busy lives, so I suggest not to stress over it and do the best we can each day and try to improve with time. My patients appreciate this approach over making them feel guilty for not being "perfect" like some doctors do. I hope this response helps someone. Have a good day.
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    well i don't read book much anymore..it not the most efective way i absorb information .. but what i did do was type the authors name into you tube ..and i am currently watching this

    now when you have a guy who can fill a stadium with people to watch him paint ..then in this video he paints something in two minutes that is beyond most people skills to do in any amount of time

    "I just wanted a good job ,but i could not find a good job, So i do it myself"-Jack Ma

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