What Movies Inspire You?

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Have you ever watched a movie that just inspired you?

List them off below.

Here's my favorite: "The Worlds Fastest Indian" with Anthony Hopkins.
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    The Pursuit of Happyness, because it always reminded me that it's impossible to know where you're going to end up down the road, and even when you think something in your life is good or bad, that you have no idea how the dots are going to connect, and you can't connect the dots looking forward, and it's only when you've already succeeded that you realize how all those random things you've done throughout your life have fallen into place to contributing to making you what you are today, and they're the reason you're successful.
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    "Courageous" is a movie that inspired me. Trials and tribulations happen to all of us in life but it is how we react to those challenges that make the difference. The father went on,after the tragedy of losing his daughter, and became a better and more caring person. He also helped others become stronger and more aware of what is really important in life. Great moral for all of us.
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    'The Truman Show' was a movie that inspired the hell out of me.

    It's kind of a metaphor of how people get trapped spending their lives asleep in a seemingly real world; never becoming aware that there is a much more exciting world out there, beyond their understanding, waiting to be experienced.
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    I like movies about sports like basketball MMA oor dancing they really inspire me to be better i don't know why

    "To get rich, you have to be making money while you're asleep".

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      I agree with the pursuit of happyness with will smith,i think being a true story really helps bring it home that no matter what your situation or how bad things get there is allways a way out the other side.

      I also think the shawshank redemption and forrest gump are very inspiring in their own unique ways.
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    Dude, Where is my car?
    this week: Raise, Bet, Fold.
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    Pursuit of Happiness, For sure!

    Also, The Social Network!

    P.s I am glad Ian mentioned Shawshank. Always a fav!
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    Dumb and Dumber....

    Makes me realize I could have been given a few less marbles in the ole noggin.
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    Into the wild.

    happy it does not have a lot of money. a lot of money is not necessarily happy. happiness can not be bought with money. you can learn on this film

    Wory Kharisma
    C.E.O Truso Design

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      Quo Vadis? illustrates that even the littlest lion can eat his fill if he is quick & persistent.

      None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.
      --Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Elective Affinities (1809)

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    Men of Honor- Didn't let anything stop him form achieving his goals
    The Antoine Fisher Story- Went from a traumatic childhood to an honored Navy man, writer, and author.
    The Blindside- Again traumatic childhood to a professional football player, and goes to show that there are still good, caring people in this world.
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    I'd have to say:

    Enter The Dragon, Bruce lee- Seeing Bruce's physique and abilities in this movie showed me the potential that man has in the mastery of his body!

    The Count of Monte Cristo- (2002) Absolute must watch! Shows how a man starts from scratch and totally reinvents himself into a new man while facing adversity.

    The Matrix Trilogy- Showed the parallelism between the Matrix and our everyday real life. Once you see the patterns and learn how to work around them, you can break yourself free and really learn how to live!
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    I am almost slightly embarrassed to admit that I find the movie Newsies inspiring. However, I am not because I first saw it when I was under ten years old.
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      Wall Street - play hard, work hard
      Limitless- clear the decks and stuff starts to happen. I like this movie alot.
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    The Associate - how if you really believe in yourself you can achieve whatever your dreams are despite the odds and break down the glass ceiling
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